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May 25, 2010 by Post Team 

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Kamla is not ready – Manning.

If the outcome of the election was based on the fact that Kamla was a woman then she would win. If based on the beauty then it would be a little lower. However, she has not shown his leadership qualities, which she is not ready to be the owner of the nation.

Manning delivery ends with the reminder that when you go to the polls on May 24 to make sure and vote for the PNM.

Female abundance ambassadors – Manning says

Mr. Manning says he is proud to announce that a total of 15 posts of ambassadors, the PNM government has appointed 10 women. Furthermore, of the 41 candidates for the election, 16 are women. She also took the opportunity to point out that 18 of the PNM candidates are East Indian descent.

He gave some advice to men in the audience, saying that if you want to turn a woman normally has to treat her well.

Manning to speak.

The final speaker tonight is none other than Mr. Manning himself. Their presence serves to help transform what was practically a ladies night. It is expected that take the stage after the performance of Charles Eddie.

Increasing employment through Govt. interjection.

McDonald stated that due to strong macro-economic programs implemented by the Government has produced a 2.2% increase in employment among men and an increase of 2.8% among women.

No political party can speak of their wives as the PNM can. So what Kamla, and they have to talk.

McDonald – PNM does not condone abortion.

He claims that the policy of his government national project on gender issues does not support abortion, same-sex union and hmosxlity. We are firm in our belief in the moral and ethical behavior, says McDonald.

The policy addresses issues that affect men and women.

In fact, the development agenda of the UN has called T & T 14 on the world when it comes to implementation of gender policies. This ranking is the highest for any country in our region, and these facilities more developed countries such as Austria and others, says McDonald.

McDonald said opposition running scared.

South Port of Spain candidate Marlene McDonald says the opposition is running and they are feeling the loss.

“They are resorting to all kinds of dirty tricks to discredit me,” says McDonald.

Then a poster with a vastly more weight women in a bikini bearing his face.

Is that what the opposition has come to, he asks to McDonald. Considered that the attack on it as an insult to all women in society, and attacks by Kamla allow denigration of women.

Employment growth is coming soon – Ince.

Ms. Ince tells us that NIDC has initiated a program for economic development. This program will be the creation of 95,000 jobs in the construction industry and some 54,000 in the service industry and materials.

We have already begun the process of employment record and has been doing quite well. In fact, the employment record has presented many perspectives Trinidadinas showing love to work.

Guest speaker supports government program development road.

Ms. Trisha Ince welcomes the new government road and transport development program. He said this will improve the lives of users of public transport.

It also supports the introduction of water taxi service, calling it a success and some national T & T should be proud.

Annwarie Ramkissoon – We want a land of pride and purpose.

Princes Town Annwarie candidates Ramkissoon says as a nation we want a land of pride and purpose. We want a land of achievement, opportunity and promise.

“What do you want for your children?, He wondered.

We want a land that is stable, a society that is unified, unlike what the opposition is promising. They are only talking about unity, but are not united.

Mr. Manning duplicate McIntosh

Port of Spain North / West St. Ann candidate, Ms Patricia McIntosh, made a female version of its leader, referring to members of the audience as “my friends.” She uses this phrase in almost every sentence he utters.

Warner, Kamla is not ready for me – McIntosh.

McIntosh said she is a strong woman PNM, and that the presence of God in her makes her invincible. So any attempt by Warner and Kamla to assassinate his character is useless.

Opposition incompetent newcomers - Nathai-Gyan

She labeled the opposition as incompetent newcomers and told the public not to give them another chance in the government because they are unworthy of it.

Nathai-Gyan-PNM only a heartbeat away.

Candidate Horquetta / Talparo, Ms. Nadra Nathai-Gyan, said just five days to go, it’s only a heartbeat away from the return of the PNM government.

Urges women in the audience to stay strong, because his wife, more than any other group, to help shape the society we live in.

Look carefully what the opposition is saying, and when you go to the polls vote for what is safe.

‘The opposition can not guarantee a lot of social services has launched the PNM, “he adds.

I LOVE T & T – Sing Lee

I love T & T said Lee Sing. I firmly believe in the people of this nation.

I am in favor of youth. I support the people of Arima

Lee-Sing denounces abortion.

Arima A candidate strongly denounces abortion and Kamla Persad-Bissessar hits for his stance on abortion. It says that the leader of the opposition’s position is just a farce.

It also adds that it is an insult to all mothers and all pregnant women like her and Annwarie Ramkissoon.

PNM team has a plan – Thomas

“We have a plan. Equipment is PNM collection teams. So open your heart tonight and listen, and love, and learn,” says Thomas.

Thomas offers a welcome waving to the audience.

Ms. Thomas offers a stirring welcome predominantly female audience. Start your welcome with singing “to vote for yuh.

Thomas – PNM full slate of talented women.

Ms. Thomas stated that the board PNM is a privilege to have gifted 16 women.

I had to pause during his speech to allow the arrival of the political leader of the PNM, HE. Patrick Manning.

Welcome and first speaker.

The reception is to be delivered by Ms. Joanne Thomas, candidate for East St. Ann’s, while the first speaker on the platform will be the candidate of Arima, Ms. Laurel Lezama Lopez-Singh

Welcome to the National Women’s Movement of the People’s Platform, live from Santiago, Trinidad.

Tonight, the platform will be graced with some of the outstanding ministers in the PNM / speakers.

Stay tuned for updates.

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