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Triggerman, “The Gachette’’ is a straight-to-DVD release that is suffering from terminal ill-marketing. The film features the cover art and a background synopsis trying to sell the film as an action-packed Western composed of equal parts shooting and gravel. In reality, the film is leisurely paced Western custom for retirees to take a nap along rainy Saturday afternoon.

A spaghetti western, “The Gachette’’ is an Italian production filmed in New Mexico. The film stars veteran (if a bit over-the-Hill) western movie star Terrence Hill West as Doc. Hill already played and the West in Doc West, a miniseries on Italian TV, which was published until half past one for a film about the U.S. home video market. It is not immediately clear whether or not “Gachette”a also been edited from a longer form.

The film, about the attempts of a retired gunslinger turned into a doctor to host a poker tournament to raise funds for a hospital, tells a complete story without the main noticeable continuity gaps. In fact, it is difficult to imagine the film to slow more fluff that is already done.

For that unfamiliar repertory acting Terence Hill’s imagine Christopher Lambert in a cowboy hat. Doc Hill’s West is a twinkly eye, stubble face softy who jumps at the chance to help a small city in its quest to build a hospital. To raise money, the West and the town sheriff, played by Paul Sorvino, decide to set up a poker tournament high stakes, a Doc West is sure to win, as it is not only a medical expert and a cannon strangely fast and accurate, it is the world’s best poker player.

In a scene reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s The Quick and the Dead, the little town in need of a hospital quickly became a beacon for some of the worst, most ill tempered gangsters in the west. They make their way to the city to participate in the tournament, each bringing with them a back-story that links somehow come back to Doc West.

Among the new visitors to the town holds “the film”La Trigger, a Dutch hooligan with a quick temper and hot for revenge against Doc West besting him before in a poker tournament. Villain of the film is the type of loose which leads a man to the back or to kidnap a woman for Doc West is too distracted to win a match – not exactly Hans Gruber. In fact, do not expect a lot of shootings or acts of daring-do in ” Triggerman”if. The idea of the film is high stakes scene after scene of the poker game – all games rely on the same tired show of hands to break a player that every poker movie is based on flawed.


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