Top Mustaches In Hollywood

January 6, 2012 by staff 

Top Mustaches In Hollywood, Top 5 Hollywood Mustaches
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Okay so list your top 5 mustaches here. The only restraints are, they have to be living and has to be a cool stache. Not some lame-o pencil thin pansy.

5. Dennis Hopper

Hopper has been rockin hollywood for over 35 years and you know that man can sport a stache. Just look at easy rider. It would take 25 of your feeble mustaches to equal one Hopper stache.

4.Chuck Norris

What else needs to be said about this man. It’s Chuck he’ll kick you in the pants. He was in sidekicks with the kid that killed himself. Too bad Chuck wasn’t there to Sidekick him outta the noose he used to hang himself with. Chuck though often likes to sport the full on face beard. Thats why he’s number 4. But he’ll still kick you in the pants.

3. Sam Elliot

This man alone deserves to be number one stache. He wears his stache with ‘tude. He’s the grandpa you wanna have around when indians come by kidnap your wife and punch your kids in the head. If you don’t remember who he is go watch RoadHouse. He plays side kick to the baby smooth stacheless blunder Patrick Swayze.

2. Burt Reynolds

It’s Burt. You know who he is. You know his stache. Your mom dreamed about it when she slept and secretly drew it on your dad when he was drunk. Ask any woman over 40 if she wouldn’t wanna make a hammock outta Reynolds lip hair. The answer would be a resounding yes.

1. Tom Selleck

Of course this should be a no brainer. He stached it up with two other men and a baby, later one with a little lady. He went on a diplomatic stache mission to show the Japs that you can have style and sex appeal while playing baseball with a stache and get your career outta the dumps. He also showed the world that wearing tropical shirts on your body and a rocking lip pelt on your face isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Love it, Need it, Worship it.

Feel free to argue against, agree, or post your own 5 but i bet you won’t find many contenders that can hold their own in the stache ring

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