Top 10 Lies

May 16, 2011 by Post Team 

Top 10 LiesTop 10 Lies, The most common lies that were told sales representatives, the hidden truths behind them, and some sage advice for avoiding them.

LIE # 1: I’m pretty sure that the client has a budget.
Why is a lie: The budget is allocated or not.
Truth: You do not have full lead.
What results: You spend time and effort into an account that probably will not close.
His reality: Make sure there is a budget before investing much effort into an opportunity.

LIE # 2: My journey, consisting only of fully qualified opportunities.
Why is a lie: It is likely that there are some dead ducks in processing.
Truth: Until I develop an account, do not really know if they are qualified or not.
What results: You always overestimate what will be able to close.
His reality: Vent pipe on a regular basis.

LIE # 3: This is a good touch despite having no budget.
Why is a lie: If you do not have a budget, is not qualified.
Truth: You’re so desperate that you are working long shots.
What results: You live in a fantasy world where the budget magically appears.
His reality: when we know that there is no budget, thanks to extract himself from the “opportunity.”

LIE # 4: I keep all my notes of a major customer in my head.
Why is a lie: You do not have a photographic memory.
Truth: You’re too disorganized to write.
What the results mean: Things begin to fall into oblivion.
His reality: Get an iPad (or even a yellow pad) and take notes during meetings.

LIE # 5: Cold calling is a bad way to generate new business.
Why is a lie: If you do not work, sometimes, companies would not use it.
Truth: I hate cold calling because you’re bad at it.
What the results mean: If your pipe dry, you are out in the cold.
His reality: Keep your skills current cold calling, even if not currently needed.

LIE # 6: That the client may make a decision soon.
Why is a lie: You’re just guessing.
Truth: You have not found the way the client makes the decisions.
What are the results: The prognosis and the fee to get completely screwed.
Your reality is always the way the customer buys, and then periodically checks on the progress of that process.

LIE # 7: I’m having to do because they have the property of XYZ.
Why is a lie: Customers rarely buy (or not buy) because of a feature.
Truth: You have not demonstrated how your product has a current value.
What results: You never know what the customer really did not buy, so it does not correct the problem.
His reality: Dissect and debrief every opportunity not discover what should be done differently.

LIE # 8: I have not called to that client, but I’ll call later.

Why is a lie: Customers are always the top priority.
Truth: You’re putting off because you’re afraid of bad news.
What Results: You end up making things worse by ignoring a problem or an opportunity to keep alive when he is really dead.
His reality: Every time you feel reluctant to make a call, that’s a sign that you should make the right call now!

LIE # 9: I’m having to do because the price was too high.
Why is a lie: the purchasing decisions are made only on the price of commodities.
Truth: You do not differentiate from the competition.
Significance of the results: in future opportunities, you let yourself get sucked into a price war.
His reality: Find out what is important to the customer and the current position of your product so that it only meets those needs.

LIE # 10: I’ve been so busy; I cannot track all my commitments.
Why is a lie: Selling is all about tracking commitments.
Truth: You are probably in the wrong line of business.
What are the results: It ends with angry angry customers and management.
His reality: immediately (I mean NOW!) Locate and purchase a time management system, take the time to learn, and then use it until a second nature.

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