Tom Brady Talks Randy Moss

September 7, 2011 by staff 

Tom Brady Talks Randy MossTom Brady Talks Randy Moss, Quarterback Tom Brady of the Patriots referred to a number of topics during his weekly appearance WEEI Dennis and Callahan show, including Bill Belichick will be part of a documentary by NFL Films, the coach’s philosophy on sharing information through the media, the team’s preparation for the opening game in Miami, and his thoughts on the possibility of launching the ball into an old friend, Randy Moss again.
Brady talked about a report from West Virginia that Moss can be considered a return to the NFL if the Patriots were the team interested in his services.

“You never know in the NFL,” Brady said when asked if he was surprised to find himself throwing to Moss again. “I talked to Randy just before training camp began. I love Randy, one of the largest recipients in the history of the game. One of the best players I’ve had the chance to play and I love the guy, so that. Unfortunately not make personnel decisions. I still I have all my friends here. Troy [Brown] is still here here. David Patten would still be here. Deion [Branch] had never left, but I’ve seen for many individuals move in recent years, and then the guys back, so who knows? You never know what the situation will be next week, for that matter … ”

“I can not enter the brain at all, but I love the guy. He is a friend. If you ever had the opportunity to return, I would definitely welcome you with open arms.”

Brady: “In being around him for a while and the comment he made the team. It really has a great respect for NFL Films, Steve Sabol Ed Sabol and what they have done for the league, so it is difficult when request something you do not agree with the level of detail that goes into it, how to produce it, how the shot is always to make the NFL come out looking great …

“He said it was a historic year for him in terms of training (35 in the NFL season), a historic year for the Patriots (50th season for the team), so those two things combined have helped make the decision a bit easier for him. ”

In the premiere of the film showing Brady Belichick make a suggestion on how to run a particular play, and coach said it was a good idea:

Brady: “That was probably the last time I heard him say it’s a good idea (in jest), we always have a great exchange of information and I think that the meetings he and I have are very helpful to me have been to turn back back to when I was coaching the quarterbacks when coach [Dick] Rehbein died in 2001 …

“He likes to coach the quarterbacks. He likes to train the corner, everyone is so much information that you have when you’re in a meeting with him that’s all you do, take notes and listen to what you are saying , you hear their point of view, and ultimately tries to incorporate everything he says in what we’re trying to do out there. ”

Given Belichick players that nobody else does:

Brady: “He never wants to give information that will help another team, so if the injury, whether the planning game, if that is what his thoughts on a particular player is. He does not want again put us in a disadvantage, so with us, is the opposite of what people in the media to get when you ask a question, because I will not tell. Come to tell us everything.

“It’s just part of his philosophy and that’s really what we preach,” Guys, we’re not talking about injuries, we’re not talking about the game plan, we’re not talking schema, we are not talking about what the position let’s play this year. Let them know … not want to go to a game of turning our hand and that’s what it preaches to us, and that’s how he approaches himself. ”

Newly acquired guard Brian Waters and his offensive line:

Brady: .. “That whole front five that we have, the more unpleasant it may be more intimidating to Logan [Mankins] no sht from anyone and neither does throwing punches Matt Light was a [linebacker Miami] Channing Crowder years ago . And Brian has been in the same way throughout his career, so look, they have an advantage for them and I think that’s what makes guys successful. On leaving the field, we do not accept any trash. They play until the echo of the whistle and that’s how I think they need to play, and that’s how they get their advantage. The more physical you can be up front, which can be more aggressive from the start, there is no way around that with an offensive line when guys are aggressive and tough and physical. ”

In preparation for Game 1, taking place Monday night in Miami:

Brady. “In preseason games, is likely to see throughout the week, one hour film about the opponent does not get much of an idea or outline of his players just a little to see some real basic things. of them, speaks of them very basic and play the Dolphins this week, I’ve become has become over the last years of the notes I’ve taken, I have seen nine games. Taking all these notes, the details of coverage, the details of the palyers. It is a ton. It’s very, very different [in the preseason]. All games are going to run this week has a specific reason. “

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