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April 11, 2011 by Post Team 

Tom And Jerry, Watching Tom & Jerry as a kid, I never understood why actors owner could not communicate beyond the violence and emotion that the dog growling (whom I always called “Spike” – and I am discovering now that is his name real) was a full-fledged character able to speak and care for a baby puppy. Now, years later, I wonder less at this point, and I am now in dispute as to whether it represents the authors’ belief that dogs are either less complex than mice and cats and therefore incapable of transmitting all emotions and ambitions through a series of facial tics and violence, or maybe it’s just the opposite and favored writers do dogs and is believed to be more sophisticated than the two animals that made up the eternal struggle that children entertained Weekly real battle. But now I consider a different question.

Based on Tom and Jerry, Volume 1: Adventures Flight skin, I can not help thinking that the writers of the show had a serious disagreement with the idea that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. Tom and Jerry are constantly hitting each other makes it clear that it accepts the mouse vs cat trope is its basic premise, but when you check out the events that led to clashes between Spike and Tom, who can not help but think that the writers Tom and Jerry believe mice to be at the center of all the problems of animal communication. Every single time Spike and Tom come to blows, Jerry is usually (though not always at fault). And Jerry does not care a bit about the creation of this conflict. Jerry disturb Spike and his son in the middle of a barbecue or picnic if that means he could escape to the efforts of Tom to eat him. It seems totally indifferent to his hideout in the picnic basket of Spike or a bag of coal because Tom interferes.

The episodes included here to bring some good memories, since they have the creative talent of the cartoon legend Chuck Jones and the legendary duo of Hanna Barbera. Art and funds are elegantly simple, yet lively and pleasing to the eye. The most striking contrast is the evolution of Tom and Jerry, both in appearance and temperament.

The 14 episodes of this volume:

“Barbecue Brawl”

Happy Go Ducky ”

“Hic-cup pup”

“Quacker little”

“Rock n ‘Rodents”

“Neapolitan Mouse”

“Things that annoy me”

“Pup on a Picnic”


“Robin Hoodwinked”

Guided Mouse-ille ”

“Timid Tabby”

“The flight of ducks”

“That’s my mom”

DVD Bonus Features

There are trailers for Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (highly recommended) and Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, along with subtitles and alternate language tracks.

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