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May 16, 2011 by staff 

Tna Sacrifice ResultsTna Sacrifice Results, Rayne vs Mickie James Madison Knockout Championship Match : Tara Mickie comes out and she cries. Madison Mickie attacks from behind. Mickie goes for a highspot and Madison pulled by the hair from the top rope and is now in control. Mickie defends both girls and fight for control. Ref gets knocked down, Rayne happens with the glove loaded but Tara stops. James takes over and attempts a pin. A second ref blow. Tara is put into a glove loaded as Madison screams at Tara to hit Mickie. Tara comes to Madison and Mickie gets the pin. Highlights: 2 hit and finishes ref false. Ratings 10.07 – decent action for women, but also much drama and not enough wrestling.

Buck vs Kaz Max – Match X-Division title : Fast paced action to start, but then Max slows the game with some ground and pound. Max begins to mock Kaz. Max works on the back of Kaz. After a few minutes Kaz takes control with a gut wrench suplex. Kaz hits the rhythm game hits a leg drop of good. Judged by the “Fade to Black” but Max comes out. Max Buck hits a running powerbomb into the turnbuckles Kaz. Max goes to the top and hits the 450 of welcome, but Kaz kicks out of it. Kaz Max drops the ropes and hits a big boot. Kaz goes over the top rope and a feed pumps Max out of the ring. Crowd chants, “This is wrestling.” Kaz hits the bright wizard for the win. Feature: Top Rope Power Bomb outside the ring. 450 Splashes. Ratings: 8.25/10 – solid game with two guys who work hard.

Crimson vs. Abyss : Abyss comes first, then Crimson. Move the big man to start the match as both men try to drown each other until Abyss takes control. Crimson returns to take control and Abyss took the fight outside the ring. Abyss moves out of the way and Crimson runs on the ring post. Crimson pounds abyss for a while until a double clothesline and both men are down. Crimson takes control with his speed and drying. Chokeslam from the abyss in Crimson. Abyss hits the streets and Janice. Spear of Crimson, but eats a boot for a second attempt. Double under hook DDT crimson. Abyss throws. Crimson lost a boot and the Abyss again in control. Abyss splashes Vader, but Crimson kicks before 3. Crimson Abyss hits a sky-high power bomb for the win. Highlights: Vader Splash Abyss. Crimson sky-high power bomb. Ratings 08/10 – solid game for the two great men.

Matt Hardy and Chris Harris vs. Beer Money TNA World Tag-Team Title Match : Beer Money in control early. The age range in Hardy. Harris runs out of the ring of the storm, when he turns his attention to it. Beer spit in the eye of the storm and then begins to beat him. Harris and Hardy moves use old days of the AMW. At the end Roode is tagged in Harris and Roode go at it as the debate Tena and Taz, who was the best tag team. Hardy finally cheap shots Roode and Harris took over.

Harris and Hardy AMW use more double team moves. Storm comes in, but Harris is out. Roode whenever you approach a short label. Hardy doing most of the work of his team. Taz inadvertently mocks the physical form of Harris. Harris is overweight. Harris enters the storm and spitting as she teases him. Finally the storm comes and attacks Harris. A fall storm closely, but it interferes Hardy. Roode pulls Hardy as the storm continues to attack Harris. Another pin attempt next. Hardy gets back and Roode. Harris made a destroyer of the backbone of the storm. Roode comes in and hits one of Harris. Beer Money comes to the age of completion AMW (drop top rope leg) Harris. Pin storm. Highlights: fun interactions between Harris and Storm. Beer Money AMW classifier for the win. Ratings 8.33/10 – solid tag team match are expected of these four competitors.

AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer : AJ and AJ Dreamer start slow but heats up and starts screaming at Dreamer. The game is a no-DQ. AJ runs to Dreamer and eats a big boot. Dreamer hits a running series of elbows. I just noticed that both men have similar looking pants. A big “no-no” in wrestling. Flying Cross body of AJ the dreamer out of the ring. Drink in the face of the dreamer. Dreamer loose crotch first on the railing and then a springboard flying forearm on the railing AJ Dreamer is still the first crotch about 6-8 feet away. Fighting against the crowd. AJ bleeding on his face. AJ dropkicks a trashcan in the face of Dreamer. AJ runs through the ring to a table that was half open, and forearm fly Dreamer in the corner. Crowd chants “This is awesome.”

Dreamer a fork and do your best impression Abdullah the Butcher. Dreamer hits AJ with a trash can and then the Pele kick. Bully Ray AJ comes out and hits the back of the head. Bully pursued Ray Daniels but Dreamer hits the pile driver AJ through a table. Highlights: Springboard for the handrail AJ Rated 7.75/10 – All right reserved, but not much wrestling.

Kurt Angle and Chyna vs. The Jarretts : The Jarretts out first. Chyna comes out to a huge window. Chyna comes in red suit, white and blue. The rules are that kind of genre not to fight against cross gender. Kurt is smiling at first the whole match. JJ and angle to start the match with some chain wrestling. Hip headlock throw and JJ. Angle tags Chyna and the crowd go wild. Chyna JJ shouting saying it’s going to break in half. Karen screaming out of the ring does not want to enter starts counting Ref. JJ jumps into the ring and attacks Angle and Chyna is forced out of the ring. Angle is in control, but JJ gets his knee as he held Karen Angle in the shoulder. JJ regains control.

JJ hits a cross body count of 2. Chyna crowd singing most of the game. Both men exchange blows. Belly to belly release overhead suplex JJ. German suplexes Series. Back and forth action and hits the Angle Slam Angle covers for 2. Chyna gets tagged in and hits the body and then JJ JJ hits a suplex, Karen tries to flee, but cuts like Chyna Kurt returns to the ring. Karen splash in the corner. Crwd going crazy. Chyna hits the tree of Karen. Karen becomes the ankle lock and Kurt put JJ in the ankle lock. Winners-Team Angle Highlights: Chyna with the family tree Ratings: 8.25/10 – fun to watch match, crowd was lively, Chyna used the Pedigree.

RVD vs Sting – TNA World Title : Mr. Anderson comes out and announces that it will be a commentator to guess. The game started slow, but it took about two men began to land some hard shots. Finally, the match ended out of the crowd. RVD and Sting lost a few points higher on the railing that left bruised and battered. Struggling up the stairs to the crowd and Sting called back with a superkick. Return to the ring and RVD is still selling the leg injury of losing a leg in the fall of Sting on the railing.

Mr Anderson’s comments took some of the game with his humor and “all about me” he says. Back in the ring, RVD goes for the Thunder, but Sting gets his knees. Sting in control, but lose the Stinger Splash. RVD goes for 5-star splash, but Sting moves and goes for a pin attempt. RVD throws, went to his deathdrop Sting RVD and fell to the canvas before Sting was ready. Sting had to pick it up and do it again. Highlight: Tinker Finish loses hard by two guys on the rail.

Rating 7.5/10 – These two types should not damage the finish. General classification PPV : 7.75/10 – The PPV delivered with Chyna and Kurt Angle have united against the Jarretts. match tag-team title was solid. Kaz vs Max Buck was fun. Bully promotion Ray was first class. The main event was solid until the end failed. AJ pleasant spot to enter the table and rails. TNA did a good job focusing the majority of the action in wrestling. Let’s see if they can maintain the momentum in the recordings of the impact of this week.

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