TNA Bound For Glory 2011

October 17, 2011 by staff 

TNA Bound For Glory 2011TNA Bound For Glory 2011, Hulk Hogan vs. Sting Yes, this party is happening. And yes, we are still in the year 2011. To test this, we get a video package detailing the recent events between Hogan and Sting, in what has been a small part of the epic story of these two legends.
After a ton of stagnation Taz and Tenay, during which seems to not know what was going on, music hits of Hulk Hogan, and Immortal will make your way to the ring.

Dixie Carter is shown in the crowd watching as Hogan limps its way to the ring. Hits by Sting, music as Tenay and Taz complain about the fact that the referee is the son of Bischoff. Sting makes his way to the ring, wearing a Hulkamania shirt and get a pop.

Both men appear who will be fighting in the middle and shirts. This is really a sad spectacle. The bell rings and the men start the two circles. Jabs Hogan to Sting, but Sting avoided the blows. Hogan has his hand, then call back. Ric Flair’s music hit, and the Nature Boy makes his way down the ramp to the ring.

Dixie Carter is not as happy as instinct enters the ring and shakes hands with Hogan on the way to the corner of Hogan. Both men start spinning again. It acquires a lock and Sting locks in a side head lock. Sting drastic measures, so down on one knee Hogan, but Hogan is quick to back up, send and Sting on the ropes. Hogan hits a shoulder block that sends Sting to the mat. Hogan poses for the fans, even throwing in a crotch shot. Sting takes off his shirt and throws it at Flair. Hogan connects with the rights of several stamped before Sting and lock in a rear chin lock.

Sting breaks the hold, but goes back to a big clothesline. Sting rolls to the outside, while Hogan jaws with the referee. Sting returns to the ring and eats a pair of hands just before raking around Sting, then his eyes. Hogan hits another right hand before throwing Sting abroad. Style wrapped around the collar of his jacket to choke Sting. Style hits Sting with chops and punches before reaching a low blow. Hogan goes after Sting and hits another low blow in the icon. Sting beat Hogan in the head of the guard rail before hitting him with punches and bites the head of Sting.

Hands like something that Hogan Hogan used to hit Sting in the forehead. Sting sends a tap on the railing, and Hogan follows, Sting repeatedly hitting the foreign object. Hogan sends Sting back into the ring and hits Sting with the other hand just before he struts around the ring. Hands Hogan a touch more, but Sting blocks the blow and Hogan comes with some good hands of their own. Sting comes out and chase instinct around the ring before getting back in the ring. Sting keeps hitting Hogan with Hogan rights and will return for the second time in this match.

Sting comes out to chase instinct again, and this time caught. Sting grabs the gun used in Flair and Hogan and hit him in the forehead twice and burst open. Sting breaks in front of Hogan, taking on the corner with punches and kicks. Sting hits the Stinger touch, hitting instinct of the platform, then hits a Stinger touch the back of Hogan. Hogan falls to the mat and grabs Sting legs. Sting Hogan is able to convert one of the locks on the death of scorpion worst I’ve ever seen. Hogan taps, but the referee did not call the bell. Hogan continues to tap, and the referee is forced to call the fight for Sting.

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