Titi Monkey

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Titi MonkeyTiti Monkey:Titi monkeys live in the forests of South America and spend most of their time in trees. They quickly and move around the bush in search of food. At night, the family gathers and spends the night together. sleep, often tie their tails, which can be done to strengthen family ties.

There are three species of Titi, who prefers individual different forest areas. Titi neck, which is the most common Titi monkey lives in the swamp forests of Brazil, which is completely different from other species of these monkeys, which live in forests. Titi monkeys live in small family groups of no more than 5 people. These groups consist of parents and their children until the age of 3 years. each of these families has a small territory in the area and every morning the male announces the family, the rights of territorial administrative officers with loud cries are heard from a great distance.

Three quarters of the Titi, the diet consists of fruit administrative officers. This monkey often eat the green fruit, Wouldn another monkey species, tap AOT. Some species of the Titi also supplement their diet with leaves and shoots, while other species are unable to digest. Some species to satisfy their need for protein by eating small insects and spiders and can make up one fifth of the monkey, diet AOS. Titi monkeys start foraging early in the morning. They patrol through the trees in their territory to eat all the fruit along its path. A few hours later, Titi stop eating and the rest, sitting on a branch, bit by bit to digest the food and the cleanliness of each other, AM skins. They feed for the second time in the late afternoon, just before bedtime.

Titi monkeys form lifelong relationships with a partner they choose after leaving their family group at the age of three. They are capable of breeding throughout the year, although the babies are always born during the time when food is abundant. Gestation lasts about 150 days and one or two times, babies are born. Two days later, the father begins to take care of the newborn, take it back and educate them about the life of the monkeys. Is, the AM amazing how attentive and caring Titi monkey males are. They play the biggest role in raising the youngling, as mothers interact with the baby only when the feeding time for Administrative Officers. the father still tends the child after three to four months, when the young monkey can climb and feed on its own.

Titi monkeys are severely affected by deforestation of the Amazon forests, and its population is in steady decline.

Titi Monkey – Callicebus

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