Tim Pawlenty Presidential Bid

August 14, 2011 by USA Post 

Tim Pawlenty Presidential BidTim Pawlenty Presidential Bid, Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, withdrew from the race for the GOP presidential nomination on Sunday, hours after finishing third in the poll disappointing Iowa

“I wish it had been different. But obviously the way forward for me does not exist, so let’s end the campaign,” Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week” in Iowa, shortly after reveal his plans at a private conference call to supporters.

The Midwest, low profile and two-term governor had struggled to gain traction in a state he had said he must win and never caught fire nationally with Republican voters apparently want a charismatic nonestablishment, stirrer to go against President Barack Obama.

Pawlenty tried to increase pressure on Obama and the Republican Party. But they often find unnatural and could never fanned the passions of voters.

“What I’m ahead, I thought, was a rational, established, credible and strong record of results, based on experience in government -. A two-term governor of a blue state, but I think the public, so to speak was looking for something different, “he said.

In recent weeks, fades in raising tea party favorite Michele Bachmann, whose war cry is a sure applause line about making Obama a one-term president, and Ron Paul libertarian tendency and the Texas Government promise. Rick Perry, the sharp-tongued Texan who came into Saturday’s race.

“I have been a great president,” Pawlenty said. “I think we have a very good candidate who will defeat Barack Obama.”

He did not immediately endorse a candidate.

Bachmann was quick to praise, perhaps mindful of the need to broaden its appeal and reach their fans, which span the ideological spectrum.

“I wish him well,” said Bachmann. “He brought a very important voice in the race and I am grateful that he was in. It was really a very good competitor.”

The former two-term governor of a state Democratic-leaning on the short list was Arizona Senator John McCain as vice president in 2008. It had been almost two years laying the groundwork for his campaign in 2012 and hoped to become the favorite national alternative to the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

But this summer, when he unexpectedly found himself in a reckoning with Bachmann, the Minnesota congressman who rose to the top of the polls in Iowa after entering the race. Pawlenty difficult to raise money and connect with voters. He served most of his money and time in Iowa in the run up to the straw poll on Saturday, a test of organizational strength and popularity in the state whose caucus lead out of the race for the nomination of the party Republicans.

Pawlenty acknowledged that he needed a good result in the poll to show momentum and calm concerns that his campaign was faltering. He put it all on the line, spending most of his campaign account in television ahead of the competition and on tour throughout the state of Iowa

But Bachmann won with 4823 votes, while Texas has the representative Paul 4671. Pawlenty received 2293.

Pawlenty said his message of “not getting the kind of traction or lift you need and expect of entry into and out of the straw poll in Ames. We needed some lift to go ahead and have a way forward. That didn ‘t happen. ”

Even after the election, Pawlenty suggested to his supporters on Saturday night that was not removed. He called the test vote here, “an important first step on the road for the Republican nomination and ultimately the White House.

“This is a long process of restoring the United States – we are just beginning, and I look forward to the campaign.”

However, he said in a statement after the announcement of the results: “. We have much more work to do”

Hours later backtracked in the face of an enormous challenge: to convince donors that it took in the months prior to the straw poll was still a viable candidate. Had he stayed in the race, have been competing for the money in an expanded field as Perry, a prolific fundraiser with deep ties to the biggest donors to the party, entered the race.

Pawlenty said: “There are going to have the fuel to keep the car going down the road.”

In Iowa, Pawlenty output means that there is now a quota should be made top GOP staff and consultants, including former state party chairman, former aides of President George W. Bush and senior advisers to win the campaign of Mike Huckabee 2008 caucus, including Sarah Huckabee, former Arkansas governor’s daughter. Senior legislators who had signed the Camp Pawlenty also now free to join other candidates.

It is still unclear the size of the electorate Pawlenty released. GOP activists often praised his ability and background, but many were extended until they met the other candidates. This was a common reaction among a class of pro-business Republicans in Iowa

On paper, Pawlenty, 50, seemed to have all the ingredients as a candidate.

His blue-collar upbringing gave him a natural relationship with the American middle class. He ruled as a hardline prosecutor in a state of leftist, won his second term in a year when Republicans were beaten elsewhere. The crowds made inroads with the law and assembled a stellar cast of advisers with a lot of experience of the presidential campaign.

Pawlenty made a traditional operation. In his pre-campaign period, extended checks around to local politicians in key states through a political action committee with a strong emphasis on small events in places like Iowa and New Hampshire.

But Pawlenty difficulty connecting. He was like a gentle and tested along with more dynamic competitors. Languished in the polls. Perry Pawlenty candidacy further pushed aside.

His inability to stir the passions of the voters the way the other candidates and no candidate was not even apparent.

“He said the right thing, we’re going to limit the size of government and hold down spending,” said Sam Buck, a retired veteran of Winterset, last week after hearing about Pawlenty. “I like … but let’s see what Perry of Texas.”

Pawlenty has been building momentum following a campaign launched in May which is part of the race as willing to hand over the hard truths and tackle the sacred cows of public policy. The rise stopped short on a new debate Hampshire in early June, when he shunned the possibility of backing up before talking tough on Romney when they were face to face. Reinforced concerns among some Republicans who would be unwilling to take the fight to Obama as the candidate.

In that same debate, Bachmann declared a candidate and immediately cast a long shadow Pawlenty had trouble escaping.

Pawlenty tried for weeks to attract Bachmann questioning her accomplishments in office and her frame as a perpetual naysayer. In Thursday’s debate, Pawlenty was even harder on her and said that all of the major policies that fought proudly happened anyway.

“If that’s your point of view of effective leadership, with results, please stop because they are killing us,” Pawlenty said to her. That caused some Republicans to question if he arrived too hard.

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