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February 25, 2011 by USA Post 

Thunder Thighs Dino, Anyone who has ever thought they had a large piece was not a dinosaur named literally “thunder thighs.” Among sauropods, the largest creatures ever to walk the Earth, Brontomerus – “thunder thighs” in Greek – has probably had the greatest of all legs, scientists have revealed. His unusually powerful hind legs could be used to super-kick against rivals or predators, they added. [Illustration Brontomerus]

McIntosh Brontomerus partial skeletons were recovered in in a quarry in eastern Utah. (The name of the dinosaur, McIntosh, is designed to honor John “Jack” McIntosh, a former physicist and expert sauropod.)

The fossil remains in a museum until scientists recently noticed their unusual structures.

“This specimen jumps just outside of yourself and a bit strange,” researcher Mike Taylor, a paleontologist at University College London told LiveScience.

Two specimens were found, one adult and one minor, and paleontologists conjecture that the specimen the greater the mother of the young – sauropods are often found in what appears to have been several families. The larger sample would have measured feet (14 meters) long and weighed about 13,200 pounds (6,000 kg), about the size of a large elephant. The smallest dinosaur was about one third of the time at about feet (4.5 m) long and weighed about 440 pounds (200 kg), the size of a pony.

Among the skeletons was a hipbone that had unusually large surface projecting forward of the hip socket, providing a relatively large surface for the muscles running to the front of the leg tie. This structure indicates that Brontomerus probably had the biggest muscles of the leg of a dinosaur of the family of sauropods.

“The best we can work, he can project his leg forward very strongly – in short, for kicks,” said Taylor. “We believe the most likely reason for this has been more competition for mates, males compete or just show to win the affection of women.”

However, once these powerful muscles kicking evolved, it would be bizarre if it has not been used in defense against predators, “added Taylor. Brontomerus lived about million years, probably due to facing fierce “predatory” as Deinonychus and Utahraptor and asAcrocanthosaurus a giant predator size similar to T. rex.

A new dinosaur named mcintoshi Brontomerus, or “thunder-thighs” after his thigh muscles extremely powerful, was discovered in Utah, USA. The new species is described in an article published recently in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica by an international team of scientists from the United Kingdom and the United States primary author Mike Taylor is a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London. Co-authors are Mathew Wedel, professor of anatomy at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, Calif., and Richard L. Cifelli, curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Museum Sat Noble Oklahoma Natural History, University of Oklahoma.

A member of the sauropod dinosaurs with long necks that includes Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus, Brontomerus may have used his legs as a powerful weapon to throw predators, or to assist travel on rough terrain, rough terrain. Brontomerus lived about 110 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, and probably struggled with fierce “predatory” as Deinonychus and Utahraptor.

The fossilized bones of two specimens – one adult and one juvenile – McIntosh Brontomerus were rescued by researchers at the Museum Sat Noble for a career in eastern Utah that had been looted and damaged, possibly by hunters fossil trade. Paleontologists believe that the largest specimen is the mother of the young and would have weighed about 6 tons (about the size of a big elephant) and measured meters in length.

The authors classified the new genus based on an incomplete skeleton, now at the Museum Sat Noble, including the bones of the shoulder, hip, ribs, vertebrae and a few unidentifiable fragments. They used the bones to identify the unique characteristics Brontomerus, mainly in the form of the ilium (hip bone), which in the case of Brontomerus is unusually high compared with that of similar dinosaurs. The range of projects bone-shaped blade to rise in anticipation of the hip, offering a huge surface area in proportion to the attachment of muscles. The shape of the bone indicates that the animal would probably have the largest muscles of the leg of a dinosaur of the family of sauropods. This is reflected in the name Brontomerus, which literally means, “thunder thighs.” The name of the dinosaur, McIntosh, was chosen in honor of John “Jack” McIntosh, a former physicist at Wesleyan University, in Connecticut and throughout avocational paleontologist.

“McIntosh is a dinosaur Brontomerus charismatic and an exciting discovery for us,” said Taylor. “When we recognized the odd shape of the hip, we wondered what its significance might be, but we concluded that a kick was most likely. The blow would have probably been used when two males compete for a woman, but because the mechanics were all in place, it would be odd if it has not been used in defense against predators. ”

Other marks on the bones give additional clues to the lifestyle and environment Brontomerus. Wedel said: “The scapula Brontomerus unusual bumps has probably mark the limits of muscle insertions, suggesting that Brontomerus had powerful muscles of the forelimbs as well. It is possible that mcintoshi Brontomerus was more athletic than most other sauropods. It is well established that far from being associated with wetland animal’s hippo-like sauropod preferred dry mountain areas, then maybe ill Brontomerus lived in mountainous terrain and strong leg muscles were a kind of Dinosaur four-wheel drive.

Although the structure Brontomerus’ hip unusual and thigh muscles huge place it on the list of most extreme dinosaurs, but also a significant discovery for another reason. It is increasingly in a number of discoveries over the last 20 years that challenge the previously held idea that sauropods began to disappear in the Cretaceous period.


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