Thunder Thighs Dino

February 26, 2011 by staff 

Thunder Thighs Dino, New dinosaur is called the Thunder a woman “has been identified by the British and U.S. of the sciences who said, an enormous one, the muscles of the legs would have given it and kick and terrible.

Retrieved researchers bones, the bones of two imperfect – an adult and juvenile – previously taken from the prey, Utah, on the west in the United States.

Scientists have found Brontomerus – English for thunder thighs – the singular was the face of hip bone, which is larger, the county is similar to a long-necked sauropod dinosaur Diplodocs, and as a Brachiosaurus.

He performed the the mouth of a huge area for studies of muscles ratified by making them to pass as researchers, we will tell a woman “dinosaur, four wheels drive.

Dinosaur, McIntosh came Brontomerus of John the name of the U.S. paleontologist Jack: McIntosh.

“There is a McIntosh Brontomerus without cause, and an exciting dinosaur of discovery, he says Mike Taylor, in the investigatoris from the Department of Earth Sciences in the University College London.

“And when they had known the figure of fate hip and wondered what this signifying we should have, but concluded it was almost the beating of.

“The kick have been truly likewise be applied to two males fought over a female, but given that all the mechanical would be for the special levies, if it is not a sponsor for in the Predator.

Paleontologists I believe was the mother of a greater proof of the weight of less than he wanted about six tons – the elephants, the greatness of a great – he measured 14 meters in length.

The minor premise would be an example to the weight of 200 kilograms – the greatness of pony – he measured 4.5 meters long.

Are authorities on a new kind of classified based on the bones of the shoulder, hip, ribs, vertebrae and some unidentifiable fragments.

The figure indicates the hip bone of an animal I love to have the greatest leg muscles some sauropod dinosaur in the family.

Doctor Matt Wedel, and helper Professor of Anatomy in the University of Western Health Sciences Pomona, California, he said: “You can Brontomerus than McIntosh’s athletic contests, and was very many sauropods.

It is well established Hippo far the marsh-bound-like animals rather sauropods are drier, the hills, the barns.

So perhaps he lived rough Brontomerus, Collin, and the mighty places of the leg muscle of a kind of dinosaur, four wheels drive.

Brontomerus lived 110 million years ago by the Early Cretaceous period.

The new species is described a paper published in Journal of Journal of Palaeontologica Polonica.

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