Throne Of Tides

December 7, 2010 by USA Post 

Throne Of Tides, Cataclysm has a total of seven new dungeons for player’s level 80 to 85. With a group of five men who brave the dangers you can not on your own. Cataclysm cooperation is more important and is very sensitive in the early dungeons.

One of the new dungeons where you will almost certainly be a first visit is to bring the throne of tides. This dungeon is suitable for players of about level 80 and is available from the seabed in Vashj’ir. Rumor has it that the Tide Hunter Neptulon a powerful weapon in his possession. The owner of this weapon reigns over all the oceans of Azeroth. Since the beginning of the Deathwing there is an opening in the dungeon and it is inevitable that some groups are attracted by this weapon is in the dungeon. Your job is to prevent it in the wrong hands.

In terms of difficulty is the throne of oil significantly higher than we’re used to dungeons in Wrath of the Lich King. Just all enemies in a group while knocking and scratching is not so easy and you’ll be punished for that lot. A very difficult enemy you’ll encounter example is the Faceless Watcher. This separate sample throws your whole group in the air and cause significant damage to the earth by stamping. If you are not ready or inadvertently attract even more enemies, then everything goes very quickly by hand.

This higher level of difficulty, see you back in fighting against bosses. When, in Wrath of the Lich King without a regular pattern could beat any of the tactics to see if this is often important. A good example is the third boss in the Throne tidal Erunak Stone Speaker (this name may sound familiar from my previous article), whose thoughts are controlled by a small octopus on his head literally stuck. During this struggle, this octopus Erunak separate “short” behind any member of the team that is in progress if he or she runs away fast enough. Your team member had hostile, which can be funny and annoying at the same time ensuring the scenes.

The atmosphere in the Throne of the tides is quite similar to the area that is superjacent Vashj’ir completely submerged. Especially the first corridor to guide you through gives a good picture of the dungeon. You literally a wall of water left and right, beautiful architecture with many colors of blue and gold corals on the ceiling and almost the entire floor is covered with sand. It is certainly one of the most unique dungeons you’ll encounter.

Once you are level 82 or higher, you can use a group of five people entering the heart of stone. These dungeon located in Underdark, one of the new areas in Cataclysm. Stone Core is where Deathwing, the main culprit of the Cataclysm, was helped by the Twilight’s Hammer and exploded under fire to explain to Azeroth. Although Deathwing is now in another place, Stone remains a sacred place for basic Twilight’s Hammer.

Core Stone, you can not just song and dance in the Twilight’s Hammer expected, but also a number of distinct patterns. Thus was born the first boss without knowing all at once through a wall. After my reaction was shock here to see what the devil he is a creature. Describe is very delicate, but you must think of a worm whose body consists of a circular “rings”. Corborus as it is called emerges at the time of battle of several basements where it will wait before it begins to hit.

Corborus know how to resign, and then there are three bosses you ready for them to settle: a dragon occasionally drop the thunder stalactites, a giant rock that the group periodically throws and a priestess Twilight Hammer throw huge chunks of the group out. Enough variation, all these bosses are pretty easy to beat.

An interesting feature in World of Warcraft is an opportunity for every dungeon in Heroic difficulty around. The enemies are stronger, have more lives and skills are sometimes even more for you and your group much more difficult. This difficulty is only for players of level 85, but you’ll be rewarded with better weapons and equipment for your character. These better-objects in heroic dungeons are also perfect for your first steps into one of the new raids to Cataclysm. More on that later.

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