Three Mile Island: 32nd Anniversary

March 28, 2011 by staff 

Three Mile Island, (CNN) – As Japan faced a crisis in a nuclear power plant damaged in March 11 earthquake and tsunami, America is marking the 32nd anniversary of the worst nuclear disaster at Three Mile Island.

On March 28, 1979, a partial nuclear fusion occurred at Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg.

When a valve plant malfunction, dangerous amounts of radioactive gases and iodine-131 were released. Initially, Metropolitan Edison, the plant owner, insisted he was a minor incident. However, the magnitude of the crisis became clear that investigators have attempted to assess the damage. Members of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has called for an emergency evacuation of the area, but the NRC outraged the community after having approved the direct emission of 40,000 liters of radioactive waste into the Susquehanna River. Nobody was injured, but the fear of a nuclear crisis with lethal consequences could occur in the United States has become frighteningly real. asked: “Is this fear realistic?”

CNN Radio spoke withe Tom Kauffman and Nat Goldhaber, who were key players in the incident at Three Mile Island. Kauffman is an operator of the installation of systems, and he arrived at work to listen to sound an alarm and emergency control room of a hive of activity. Goldhaber, in charge of energy issues for the State, began his day around 7 am with a call telling him that there had been a major accident at Three Mile Island and the rays going toward the city of Goldsboro.

Kauffman Goldhaber and discussed their experiences and relationship with the workers feel try to stabilize the damaged reactor in Japan.

“The fact that they stayed there and worked hard to get things under control, as they are today, is nothing less than a heroic effort,” said Kauffman. “One of the key lessons learned from the accident at Three Mile Island is that you must have the communications infrastructure in place … So when something happens, you can get information quickly so that people understand that they do not face the uncertainty … or misinformation that can be scary. “

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