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September 17, 2010 by Post Team 

The Town Movie, Ben Affleck straps on his shoes to run again in the solid state, Bostonian, film bank robbery, the city. I feel that if I was from or lived in the Boston area, have been or even just a die-hard Boston sports fan, I am madly in love with all that the city brings to the plate. It has a monoblock, a capable administrator and action. However, as Affleck tries to weave together some aspects too, leading the pace slow to a crawl between the action scenes.

The city follows a team of thieves lead by MaCray Dough (Ben Affleck), who takes care to watch after Claire (Rebecca Hall), the director of a bank have recently stolen after resident crew loose cannon James (Jeremy Renner) she took hostage and then released her. As Doug keeps an eye on Claire to see if she was talking to the FBI or specific information about him or his crew, he starts to get really close to her and they begin a relationship, even with the FBI is close to Doug and his team justice.

I had some mixed feelings about the film Ben Affleck heist very cleverly constructed. I love every single performance and the film looks fantastic and even has a vintage look and drive at a time. However, Affleck is trying to fit in lots of drama and romance in the form of action film and while each is done well, the film passes through the halfway point; it really starts to drag rhythm. You have a boyfriend drama between Doug and James, the relationship between Doug and Claire, FBI agents by assembling pieces of the puzzle to bring down the thieves, strained relationships with Doug Blake Lively junkie character and of course you have still need space for the flights. The interaction of all aspects mix well at first, but eventually becomes constant jumping around a drain on your willingness to follow. I know it’s based on the book “Prince of Thieves,” but the point of most adaptations is that you can pick and choose things you love and want to leave out. You can just digging a book says, but that does not always mean they will all transfer to film or biological perfectly.

As I have none of my problems have to do with the distribution. Everybody character is attractive and pleasant. They interact on the big screen, but because they are trying to make you care for each and every one of them make your participation in their results quite problematic. Want to Doug and his team to come out because you have to know and like their characters, you want the FBI to obtain their rights because they are not dirty cops, they are good cops who seek to what it takes. It’s weird to say but it’s almost like Affleck has all these problems all too well, and when reality kicks in the inevitable outcome of the collision events and scenarios are required to make us feel dissatisfied with the least one of them. One complaint I had with regard to dialogue, is that heavy Boston accents, there were times I struggled to understand what the character was said, or just do not get the words slang used, but this is not something that happened to me enough to hold against the film.

The action sequences, apart from the robbery climate Fenway Park are very short. They are staged and carried out, but the nature punctuated by sequences that focus that I wanted less drama and romance and more action. It’s a frustrating thing to enjoy everything on the screen, but hoping that one of them was a little less common. It’s even more frustrating when at the end you cannot identify which one you wanted less.

Another thing to congratulate the filmmakers, as I am not familiar with the source material, is how well done, the tension, especially with the score during the action scenes. I could never predict exactly how events would turn out. It covers all aspects of robbery and investigation and terminology in a very organic, make sure that we can follow without too much confusion or missing something along the path. One thing I did not expect was that the film is quite funny, which only makes us love the characters even more. I guess it is a very different experience if you read the source material, I cannot speak for the near or how far they deviate from the written pages. The film is heavy in Boston, with many references to sports teams, places, slang and so on, so I think he can play better among those who have a strong bond or by fandom or if it was indeed the region.

Affleck gave us a movie with fantastic performances, action sequences and an appropriate amount of tension. The run time in two hours while in good health does not always seem to be sufficient to support all the stories woven throughout. The city does still manage to be a very good movie Heist, but tries to deliver too.

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