The Devil Inside

March 1, 2012 by staff 

The Devil Inside, The Devil Inside is a wannabe ‘exorcist meets Paranormal Activity’.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t come close to either as far as being scary is concerned. It actually amuses you with its amateur filmmaking, cliched story, theatrical performances and poor production value.

A woman is ‘suspected’ to be possessed after she kills 3 priests who were conducting exorcism on her. Given her mental instabilities, she is transferred to a mental hospital in Italy. Few years after the incident, the woman’s daughter Isabella travels to Italy to find out what happened to her mother.

Once in Italy, two ordained exorcists allow Isabella to be a part of their many illegal exorcisms before they conduct it on her mother.

Isabella’s horrifying journey is shown to have been shot on camera by her friend Michael, which is why the film is found-footage. What happens to Micheal, Isabella and the two priests as they delve into the world of the dead is the story of The Devil Inside.

The documentary style filmmaking with the actors talking incessantly to camera just bores you to death. All you see in the whole of first half is these theatrical actors giving endless lectures on art of exorcism, demonic possession, multi-demonic possession, difference between possession and mental illness, mutli-personality disorder, blah blah blah!

Worst part being, the lectures are not even informative! They are futile, cliched and only repeat things you already know or have seen in horror films some decade ago.

The preachy lectures on ‘demons’ and ‘possession’ continue till the end of the film and only halt temporarily when you see women acting possessed by breaking their bones and screaming at the top of their lungs. Ample blood is splashed all over to scare you but it makes you feel sick out of grossness and not fear.

It’s a shame that the movie made in 1973: The Exorcist was way superior in every way than any of the films that it has been inspiring ever since.

Paranormal Activity too is in different league when compared to The Devil Inside. Devil is not even remotely as scary as Paranormal.

The ending is so abrupt that it makes you happy that its over instead of wondering what just happened.

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