The Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street protests

October 19, 2011 by staff 

The Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street protestsThe Dark Knight Rises to film at Occupy Wall Street protests, Batman comes the victim and do justice in an unjust world. The protestors occupy Wall Street are calling for justice against perceived corporate greed. Perhaps the two should join forces.
That could happen in Christopher Nolan’s latest installment in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight rises. Los Angeles Times reports that at the end of the month that the film is expected to start shooting in Lower Manhattan, where they occupy Wall Street protest is today. The production presented for permits under the code name “Magnus Rex”.
According to unnamed sources, “the cast members said the shooting might include scenes shot in Wall Street protests Occupy.” And in the casting, the actors must have “military and / or law enforcement training / experience, weapons handling, and / or training in martial arts” and the characters who live in “a city besieged by crime and corruption “.
Here’s why this is plausible. Civil unrest and lawlessness have been important themes in Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Thousands of protests would be at home in Nolan’s Gotham City. Not to mention the production, basically, they would be receiving thousands of angry extras for free. And according to the article, “The casting of the characters says that living in ‘a city besieged by crime and corruption.” It seems that Nolan’s crew could get exactly what you are looking for when he moved to New York.
Now here is why this is not very plausible.
Movies rarely use the current crowd. First, are unpredictable (unless you have a very, very well cared for lunch). When you’re working with the extras hired, can be told to “be here” and “living there.” It is doubtful that Wall Street deal of people who will receive orders (if they did, the crowds have gone home). Nolan likes to have total control of his sets and probably not if you use the protests as a backdrop.
Movies secondly, the mainstream are usually required to obtain consent to use the image of someone in a movie. This is why there are so many faces blurred reality shows. Even for crowd scenes, such as football stadiums, the films have to post signs denying the cameras are rolling. Once again, the protesters are probably not likely to participate in a film and 250 million financed by Warner Bros., one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.
If we know anything of the Nolan films, we know we are methodically thought (Ok, no debate, if Inception). We doubt that Nolan is going to take a detour from his script to include the secret wall street protests occupy in his films.
But, again, is a script that we know nothing about. Maybe Nolan is the brain behind which include the Wall street protests and this is all part of his diabolical plan.

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