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The Biggest Loser 2011The Biggest Loser 2011, Hello and welcome to The Biggest Loser, the final five! Tonight will determine who gets to the Final Four two weeks before our final live.The show opens with the world looking back on his journey and to what extent they have become. They are all concerns that are still there and fight to win. We also received a sweet moment between Hannah and sister Olivia, who want to reach the finals together.

Ali meets with everyone in the living room. They will take a final exam that worries Hannah. Bob is rotated to be driven by Jillian, Cara box and wondered about the health and welfare of Brett. The highest score receives 10,000.

Bob meets with them first. Have to teach to spin as if to teach someone to learn for the first time. (Every time I think or hear about spinning, I remember the first and only time I took a class. In fact I had to stop because the bikes are designed for people at least 5’2 “-ish and I’m 4’11″ “on a good day!)

Irene gets 72 points, as it does not really show Bob what to do or explain.

Olivia receives 100% because it explains everything from beginning to end.

Jay also has a bike that drives Bob crazy. Jay says about being creative and challenging. 58 points for him.

Austin wel also explains things to break everything. Won 95 points.

Ana asks if turning ever before, which is rule number one and tells her the bike tell you what to do. She also moves her bike in front of him so he can see what it does. 100.

Brett asked about anaerobic exercise. Irene had no idea, but everyone is right to say intense weight and circuit training.

Macronutrients are proteins and carbohydrates. Olivia does well, while Hannah is wrong. She also receives the complex / simple carbohydrates question wrong, which means lizard for her. He is impressed with them in general. It also looks hot in glasses!

Cara joins them aside and tries to break. Also testing in boxing. Irene gets 70 points, Olivia receives 100, and Austin received 95, 95 and Jay gets Hannah 92.

Jillian kind of motivation is to reach it’s motivating. She gives several scenarios that can be identified and given advice. Hannah thinks that helps you see what appears. It is actually a good test in reverse psychology that comes to realize that knows how to help them.

Irene gets 85 points, Jay gets 90, Austin gets 85, 89 and Hannah Olivia gets get 90 points.

The second part has matching parts for each year through work and makes sure the avatar as well do it properly. First place receives 100 points, second 90 and so on.

Hannah is in first place after three rounds. She gets 100 points for this part of the examination. Olivia is second, followed by Austin, Jay and Irene.

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With all points combined, the winner of the 10 000 and Olivia – who only won by 3 points! She also won the game and an XBox.

During a workout, Jillian Jay pushes further than ever. He admits that he is fighting for his family and wants to live for them. Cara is focused on Olivia, while Bob is in Austin.

Then we have a PSA on the importance of milk, sponsored by Austin and Cara.


They used 100 bags of sand to climb stairs. Should stack 25 before advancing to the next round. The winner takes advantage of a pound.

Irene is going very fast, but Olivia is determined to win everything. Hannah is struggling, but one of the girls wants to win. Remain there until the bitter end. Austin wins, Olivia is in second place, Irene Third, fourth quarter and Hannah Jay.


Brett meets for lunch. He tells them about the sweet Chicken Teriyaki sub. Order a six-inch whole wheat, a little more than a tablespoon of fat free sweet onion dressing, 3 ounces of chicken teriyaki. Brett wants to guess how many calories are in it.

Hannah: 380
Irene: 320
Austin: 335
Olivia: 250
Jay: 240

Hannah wins a gift card and 500 underground to guess why.


After a last-chance workout, targeting men and Bob Brett, we reached our last weighing before the final four was announced.

Olivia has the option of obtaining an advantage of a pound by commerce and in 10,000. Austin has the decision to invest. Austin maintains its advantage and Olivia keep your money.

Hannah: 154-4 = 150 pounds and 2.60% (-98 pounds)
Irene: 152-5 = 147 pounds and 3.29% (-108 pounds)
Jay: 255 -9 = 246 pounds and 3.53% (-154 lbs)
Olivia: 158-5 = 153 pounds and 3.16% (-108 pounds)
Austin: 236 to 1 = 235 pounds, one-pound lead and 0.85% (-161 lbs)

What is with Jillian getting so angry with Olivia to take the money? In this economy it would have taken too!

Aww, I want to hug and I love Austin and Brett Cara gives words of wisdom. So sweet. Again, why Jillian seems so crazy?

This means Austin and Hannah are in the bottom two. In the elimination room, both Olivia and vote for Jay Austin, who sends him home.

They all hug him goodbye when leaving.


Austin now weighs 230 pounds and looks fantastic. He is getting into the fight and loves working with his brother, he is very proud of how far as they come. He speaks to students at his old elementary school about healthy snacks. Even sings to them that are so cute. Awww, I can give you a hug? Life is full of confidence and goals for the future. We plan to continue to inspire children and attending college in the fall.

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