The Adventures Of Tintin New Trailer

October 7, 2011 by staff 

The Adventures Of Tintin New TrailerThe Adventures Of Tintin New Trailer, I’m desperately hoping that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson Tintin adventure turns out to be a success. Not just because the film – for the last trailer just hit the web - apparently provides an opportunity for the director to make peace with those of us who hated the bland Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skulls Cristal.

And not just because I like to see the rest of the series of HergĂ© wonderfully imaginative stories on the big screen. It’s because if Jackson and Spielberg can really bring comic books to life through the innovative use of motion capture style avatar, and if the movie is a hit at the box office, which will completely transform the way fantasy films (and I use the term broadly) are considered by the studies from now.
However, first in the new trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. This time we have our first look appropriate to their own Unicorn, as well as an expanded vision of a city in northern Africa, where Tintin and Captain Haddock, travel in search of the famous ship. Interestingly, Spielberg has been criticized for portraying fighting in what some see as a kids’ movie. Pollack even fires a bazooka – but we are talking about just Expendables The levels of violence. Also, I can not imagine not allowing a child to see an Indiana Jones movie (the extraction of the heart in Temple of Doom aside), and anyway, surely Spielberg includes a protective layer on the film keep kids from getting too upset, or the decision to join the National Rifle Association.

Why is it so important Tintin? I’ve written before on this blog about how comic book movies become “natural really should be based CGI animation. The same goes (to a lesser extent) science fiction and the swords and sorcery fantasy films. All of them require the type of suspension of disbelief, which is a natural for animation. You can make these genres through live action, but this requires much more effort by the filmmaker to balance realism and fantasy.

With comic book adaptations, in particular, the dialogue that appears with cheeky charm of the printed page can be cheesy on the big screen, especially when the mouth of an actor whose face you probably know more intricate than those of most of our own friends. That’s why Superman is always played by a virtual unknown. If it had been played by Nicolas Cage, as postulated once, no one was able to suspend disbelief. But since Nicolas Cage in a motion capture studio and the world with ease to believe as the Man of Steel in making animation. Animation can offer only a halfway house, get to enjoy the big players, without having to overlook the fact that they are real people. It is a brand new tool, one that dramatically eliminates the need to use our imagination to play a mental image that occurs in motion.

If the works of Tintin, then you may see a new sub-genre of the film on the big emerging comic book-style movies keep the original artwork, while the addition of cinematic verve. Imagine Watchmen, Judge Dredd or The Cuervo shot using the same techniques, perhaps the original comic artists on board to ensure their vision translated to film. It is a tantalizing possibility, and one whose future now seems to depend on the fate of a young Belgian reporter and his faithful dog.

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