Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story

November 21, 2010 by staff 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre True Story, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is not the sequel to it’s something more mundane – air travel – something that once was generally associated with good memories.

There was a time when the holiday was a pleasure trip, filled with expectations of fun and generally good time. Remember the days when you actually watched holiday, when you got all excited about your trip to distant lands – chances are, the last “pleasure trip” as you were before turn of the millennium. All good things come to an end and so have the joys of air travel on vacation. This is especially true when it comes to international travel.

First, the visa is really a four letter word these days. The “elect” must undergo a battery of physical and psychological tests before the “host” country considers you eligible for an entry permit. This, after completing several forms in triplicate samples of your DNA, fingers your grandma and hair-and-toe impressions. Not to mention the iris. One wonders if you go there on a holiday or are subject to a medical examination at the hospital! Of course, the embassy will charge you an arm and a leg as “processing fees”, no warranty please; this tax is only for the punishment of the Embassy takes to put yourself in any trouble.

Finally, the elusive visa is now yours, tickets are in hand. Time to leave all your worries behind and take off, right? Think again…

Let’s start with the registration desk. More often than not, you’re greeted by a prison guard at the reception with which you play several rounds of “20 questions”. Some sample questions.

Warden (aka check-in agent) -”Did you pack the bags yourself? ”

Passengers -”Yes, I did.”

W -”Where is the bag before being packaged? ”

P-”Sur loft”

W -”Who picked the loft, because you do not look big enough to do this? ”

P – My Brother””

W-”Ah, so you do not place the bag itself, you have done? Security, we have a problem here!”

The result, every item in your bag carefully packaged and will be publicly exposed all in the name of security. Well, what about my privacy please? I do not like my taste have flashed underwear in public, you know! ”Hurry up please, pack all your things. You hold the queue!”And whose idea was to tear up my bag and comb through each element?!

Finally, you make it through passport control and reach the boarding gates. The boarding time is like the festival of Pamplona Bull Run. Hand luggage in hand, boarding pass in the other, you make a dash at a speed that would make an Olympic sprint gold medal envious. And that’s how you get on airplanes in class coach because you do not want to blow the whole budget on tickets only. You squeeze your head and realize that a straitjacket seemed richly opulent compared to that. ”In the case of an accident, you have a better chance of survival if you are in a class coach. Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight,”said the flight attendant reassuring.

Help! I want to get off now!

Vivek Ramaswamy is a freelance writer based in Dubai

Third: Netanyahu is tight with the Republicans who now control the House. He feels stronger vis-à-vis Obama. His temptation to play for time spent in 2012 is approaching.

But time is not in Israel’s favor: Just look what happened to Hillary Clinton during the last ten years and extrapolate from that.

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