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September 8, 2010 by Post Team 

Terriers Fx, The case of the canines: Terriers, FX comedy-drama about a pair of private eyes bargain, is a fun stay hot between the lovable losers. Looking Hellcats cheerleaders-gone-bad of the CW, by contrast, is more like being confined to a complete flag terminal PMS victims.

Terriers star Donal Logue (The Knights of Prosperity “) and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood) and Hank sloppy detectives and Pollack Dolworth Britt that do business outside of a pickup and not overly bother them about technical aspects such as licenses professionals.

“ We have found that by not working with them we never have to be concerned about the loss of them,”Hank explains to a confused customer.

The men have thrown in the previous races. Hank lost his job as a police officer after having to be poured into the back seat of his patrol car too many times. And Britt gave his life as a petty thief under the orders of his girlfriend straight arrow. Things are not much better for them in the business of detectives:”“ their cases include theft of dogs from the ex-spouses (fee: free load of dry cleaning) and moving stoves.

And when you receive a large allocation to recover blackmail knky video of a millionaire developer, the situation quickly becomes distasteful: The development partner sex in the video is the daughter of one of his old friends. “ I spent the day dognapping. I lied to my ex-partner about a homicide,”Hank complains. “ I really do not want to hear the daughter of a friend [to get bleeped] for a favorite son. Nostalgia,”according Britt: “ yes, not everyone can be great days like today.”

Produced by Ted Griffin, author of “Ocean’s Eleven, and Ryan Shawn, who created the drama for FX police reneged The Shield, Terriers is full of needles jokes and witty dialogue, marked by the sequence to the occasional slam-bang. It is the Hellcats opposite pole, which was launched in the small-IQ / Big-cup-size population.

Alyson Michalka (Teen reporter Phil of the Future Disney Channel) plays Marti Perkins; a pre-law student must prove for a cheerleading scholarship when the award was canceled. Fortunately, the type of girl who does Marti backflips of your couch while you read really hot parts of the majority opinion in Marbury v. Madison, and she makes the team.

If this success seems unlikely, you will have a hard time with Hellcats, which exists in a strange alternate universe where none of the girls are surprised, much less shocked, they have to walk through the locker room men to take showers.

I’ll admit to laughing at explaining a squad leader of political science for a candidate unsuccessful cheerleader: “ Democracy is a btch.”Above all, I shuddered in the dialogue-irritating arc in the dance routines hoochielicious everyone else the scene, at close range as Michalka, who seems to have only two options – smug and self-righteous.

In a show that plays like a simplified version of Gossip Girl interspersed with music videos, Gail O’Grady, playing the mother of Martí as a trailer trash version of his role as a suburban mother the 60 American Dreams a few years ago, beats the only professional note. As miswritten and clichés that the piece is, O’Grady manages to give a sympathetic air. If only the CW research department could come up with one way of playing 25 years off the age of O’Grady and took the lead, I might have something here.

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