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June 25, 2011 by Post Team 

Tea Party & TV, As organizer of the original Tea Party in Los Angeles, has been a wonderful pleasure to observe the movement to grow here in Southern California and across the country. However, for many of us had a desire to be more than one dimension. Demonstrations are important, but not everything. To move a message from the four foundations, as I call them – The Constitution, capitalism, fiscal responsibility and smaller government – has an approach that involves all types of media.

Among the Patriots Pasadena, one of the best tea party groups in the U.S., this push to engage popular culture has led to the creation of a new television series. “Courage, New Hampshire – The works of Sarah Pino”

Created by Patriots Pasadena Wilson co-founder Jonathan, and the farmer / entrepreneur / activist James Patrick Riley, “Courage, New Hampshire,” shares a look at the colonies before deciding to declare their independence from King George. The goal, according to Riley, as reported in The Hollywood Reporter (and picked up by Drudge Report):

“I like to focus on some regular people that made the Revolution…. Mix the narrative tension of The Sopranos and the uniqueness of redemption, Frank Capra heroic American.”

In comments on the website of The Hollywood Reporter, not all comments are negative, but more than a few go after overtly religious elements in the series. One of the comments states:

The foundation of the father would be spinning in their graves if they could see the religious right is usurping their intentions and disposal.

While other more direct comment on the attack:

These people are dangerous, selfish Dominionists, Christian is going to do whatever it takes to brainwash the masses with their Teahadist, plutocratic agenda, trying to rewrite history and U.S. Constitution.

Not a word about the value of production, the historical accuracy or the script. The same hard core of progressive ramblings against Christians, Christianity and those who believe in something more than big government.

The first episode has its world premiere on Sunday, June 26. I am very pleased to host the event, hopefully the first of many for Wilson and Riley (and his production company, Bay Colony) and the Tea Party.

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