Tea Party Game Sparks Controversy

September 8, 2011 by USA Post 

Tea Party Game Sparks ControversyTea Party Game Sparks Controversy, James Hoffa, Teamsters president, has refused to apologize for inflammatory comments he made about the Tea Party and the Republicans during a Labor Day event in Detroit.

Hoffa (Hoffa the son of the legend of the union / mobster Jimmy) sparked a fierce controversy when he referred to Republicans as “sons of b_tches” and implored the president Barack Obama to “get them out.”

Hoffa was speaking before Obama’s appearance on stage.

Leaders have denounced Tea Party Hoffa inflammatory language and demanded that Obama condemn the head of the union. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann prominent Republicans have also condemned the words visceral Hoffa.

However, the White House (perhaps care not to offend the vote of the workforce that Obama desperately needs to be re-elected next year) has decided not to comment on the flap.

This refusal to comment was a very entertaining exchanges between the White House press secretary Jay Carney and Jake Tapper, a reporter for ABC News.

Tapper referred to Obama’s statements in January, calling for more civil discourse in politics after the shooting Gabby Giffords of Arizona congressman.

After quoting the words of Obama after the tragedy Tucson, Tapper asked Carney: “He [Obama] does that mean?”

To which snippily Carney replied: “Absolutely.” Tapper and demanded to know what words of Hoffa fit this new call for verbal decorum.

Carney began to explain that Obama did not use the language attributed to Hoffa, but Tapper interrupted him, saying that the words were uttered during an event for the president.

Carney gave a lengthy, meandering monologue that basically said nothing, and only increased the fury of Tapper.

“Some of us [that] cover the campaign … I remember one time someone made some harsh comments about then-Senator Obama in the introduction to [John] McCain rally, and the Obama campaign was offended, and is expected an apology, Senator McCain came out and did it. “Tapper said defiantly.

Carney again responded with a soft but long is not a comment that Obama intended to exempt from any blame for the failure. (Carney was, of course, just doing his job to say so little value as possible).

But Tapper, to his credit, just does not let up – he even suggested that by not rebuking Hoffa, Obama did not mean to say it was “open season” for the 2012 presidential campaign.

“So the precedent you are setting up right now for the 2012 election is the Republican candidates are those who pay attention,” said Tapper.

“Those who enter them at meetings, substitutes, we do not have to pay attention to anything they say.”

Carney flatly refused to get into the debate over messy.

Meanwhile, Hoffa refused to retract his comments.

In a statement, said: “We did not start this war – the right wing did. We are fighting. That’s what the Teamsters do – to defend what is right. I will never apologize for defending my fellow Teamsters and all U.S. workers “.

Raise the question of the choice of words Hoffa for the moment; I must say I am very impressed by the relentless interrogation of the hapless Jake Tapper Carney. Tapper raised some very valid points, resulting in Carney only hesitantly. It was like a boxing match in a combat landing jabs his opponent remains solid and just want to leave the ring.

I have long felt that the media (excluding Fox News right) were too easy on Obama and gave him much benefit of the doubt.

Tapper has denied that boldly error.

Now if Obama wants to claim the “high road” in the political discourse that needs to rebuke Hoffa and apologize for not having done.

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