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September 5, 2011 by staff 

Tan Kin LianTan Kin Lian, Mr. Tan Lian relatives showed courage, effort and commitment in participating in the last presidential election (PE). He was courageous in revealing her reaction on sensitive issues related to the Internal Security Act. On his way, he spoke calmly, frankly, clearly and creatively apply his mind to try to extend the president’s role to defend the president is not stupid.

Many insurance holders still recognized but not identified as a person speaking in favor of people. Of course people who spoke during the series of mini-bonds that have been recalled, but I think his support base is reduced when they were thrown into question its prestige in NTUC Income.

Kin Lian continued to show his attention to policyholders with their insurance guide MINI sold in 7-Eleven stores. All these are a good start on the way to gain recognition and support of the towns on their way to the voice of the people. But first, the recognition of the odds against you and the risk of an unexpected event are in order.

There is overwhelming evidence that he was weaker and its persistence in the campaign finally split the votes, the risk of a remote possibility of choosing a different kind of abnormal.

Pre-bid public that the candidates fighting for the establishment voters will split the vote, here the weakest candidate among the three is clearly evident.
Loss of support from social groups, media and other civic groups, said even before the appointment.
Currency recognition Jee voters say that their sound programs for the Office of the European Parliament and on the other hand the weakness of Kin Lian in these two departments throughout the campaign.
Compared to the many thousands of Toa Payoh stadium for the rally on Tuesday Say Jee relatives Yio Chu Kang Lian stadium to rally the night of Kin Lian attracted much less.
The well managed through the national campaign by the defense team of experienced opponents.
Comments would have gotten if he had continued his private study or survey information of third parties.
The most important thing is narrow in the Times report the day’s reflection, and effectively portrays his concession Jee say the two are not going to win. The highlight of his low point, he revealed his lack of confidence to win this campaign. And voters do not want to waste their vote on a loser. They want their vote to count. If there is a big step, and then vote for their second choice, which could take a small step towards what they crave. The effect is powerful. Jee In other words, the effect works to a lesser extent.
In the same report Straits Times, legends cries of “Watch out for an abnormal result, the ex (PAP) MP warns.” “He warned that voting for the underdog just because a candidate who seems to be a leader.” This has the effect of voters away from all considered the underdog to the leader.
Kin Lian said he is an expert in statistics, when he acknowledged his defeat after visiting just 3 stops to have the group of days. Therefore, as a statesman, would surely have recognized the remoteness of their chances of winning, but still must have continued to benefit as a candidate to the electorate in the hope of getting enough votes to improve its position for the trip declared that is to continue speaking for the people of Singapore.

Of course, he has every right to grow their own support base.

But in my opinion, continues to walk the last PE caused an unusual choice of a different kind, when the votes he determines the winner. This made Lian relatives in white guilt and undid the good work of bringing live debates, and public interest worthy of the role of President Elect. And so, it would be good Kin Lian honestly admit that he made a miscalculation and that may not think through the consequences.

The last presidential election was actually a rare choice. But Mr. Lian Tan relatives will not be seen as the only candidate doing that if they just apologize for his miscalculation and misjudgment.

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