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Talladega Nights, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is a 2006 movie American comedy directed by Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell. The film also features John C. Reilly, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb, Amy Adams, Gary Cole, Jane Lynch, and Sacha Baron Cohen. Several students of Saturday Night Live also make appearances.

Racetrack scenes at Texas Motor Speedway were shot at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, with a Porsche Cayenne is equipped with the camera mounted on the four corners of the car.

Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) was born to “go fast”. Born in the back seat of his father, and raised solely by his mother, Lucy Bobby (Jane Lynch), while his alcoholic father, Reese Bobby (Gary Cole), is absent. At ten years, Reese occurs during the Career Day at school by Ricky, but after giving a speech vulgar, which is expelled from school. Before leaving, Reese tells Ricky “If you is not first, you’re last”, an event that Ricky is committed to memory. Many years later, while working in a team as the Jackman mechanic for a racing team, replacing a driver with no interest and just finishing in third place despite starting mid-race in last place. Ricky quickly rises to the top of NASCAR, achieving fame and fortune in Dennit Racing and meets his future wife, Carley (Leslie Bibb). He is responsible for getting his best friend Cal (John C. Reilly), as the second team driver.

Fast forward several years later, while in the top of the racing world, Ricky is challenged by French Formula One driver, Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen). Girard beats Ricky on the track and becomes Racing driver Dennit top. Ricky, desperate to regain its dominance, it pushes too hard and ends in a spectacular crash, during which he believed to be in flames. While recovering, persist in believing that he is paralyzed. Their tests show that Rockingham Speedway has lost his touch and not to regain a spot on the team. Carley, longing to be married to a top NASCAR driver, plans for a divorce and a marriage to Cal before Ricky gets home that night.

Ricky takes his two children, and Walker Texas Ranger and moves back home with his mother. He takes a job delivering pizza and reducing the use of a bicycle after losing his license (hit the shopping cart of a customer, then the sheriff who wrote the ticket for the earlier incident.) With his life in its lowest point, Reese suddenly reenters Ricky’s life and tries to teach Ricky to drive using the fear he experienced. With the retraining and guidance of his father, Ricky gets his confidence, but it brought back a few steps from his father leaves him again. Ricky Reese leaves with the knowledge that the appointment based his entire life around was actually the product of intoxication Reese – will explain that there are more places than last place where one can have, if they are not first. When Ricky meets his former assistant, Susan (Amy Adams) in a bar, she convinces Ricky to return to compete not because of their desire to live up to the expectations of those around him, but by its nature to drive fast. While paying attention to the advice of Susan’s race at Talladega 500, fall in love. The race ends with all the cars are smashed and Bobby Girard and running on foot to the finish. Although Ricky wins the run, both drivers have been disqualified for violation of the procedures of the race and Cal wins the race by default, having been in the third before the wreck. Ricky and Cal repair their friendship and family, consisting of Ricky, Susan Walker, Texas Ranger, and Lucy, meet Reese in the parking lot and meet for a dinner during which the plan is to be expelled from Applebee’s.

Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby, a NASCAR driver who believes only in victory after a notice of childhood that his father gave him
John C. Reilly as Cal Naughton, Jr., Ricky’s best friend and teammate until the events following Ricky recession race to end their friendship.
Leslie Bibb as Carley Bobby, a young man who is married to Ricky early in his career until his fall in the outcome of a bitter divorce with her marriage Cal
Sacha Baron Cohen as Jean Girard, the gay French Formula One driver who becomes a rival to Ricky.
Michael Clarke Duncan as Lucius Washington, crew chief and friend Ricky.
Amy Adams as Susan, Ricky assistant, who later falls in love with him and helps him with his career rebound.
Jane Lynch as Lucy Bobby, Ricky’s mother.
Gary Cole as Reese Bobby, Ricky drunk, separately, the father of the sale of weeds.
Andy Richter as Gregory, Girard’s husband, a renowned dog trainer.
Pat Hingle as Dennit Larry, Sr., the original owner Dennit Racing, the team of Ricky. His son took over half the team through the career of Ricky.
Greg Germann as Larry Dennit, Jr., the new owner of Dennit Racing, which hired to offset the costly Girard Ricky antics on the track. He is the main antagonist.
Ted Manson as Chip, long-suffering father in law Ricky
Houston Tumlin and Walker, the first son of Ricky with Carley.
Grayson Russell as Texas Ranger, the second son of Ricky with Carley. Both boys are named after Chuck Norris TV series Walker, Texas Ranger.
Molly Shannon as Mrs. Dennit, Larry Jr. loves wife, alcoholic.
David Koechner as Hershelle, crewmember Rick Pitt.
Ian Roberts as Kyle, another member of Ricky’s pit crew.
Jack McBrayer as Glenn, a member of Ricky’s pit crew, which often makes futile attempts to motivate the team.
Adam McKay as Terry Cheveauz
Rob Riggle as Jack Telmont, Speed Channel commentator.
Cameos as themselves
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., in a crowd seeking autographs from Ricky.
Jamie McMurray, who lost to Ricky, which leads to the reverse, in a race.
Darrell Waltrip, NASCAR on Fox commentator
Mike Joy, NASCAR on Fox commentator
Larry McReynolds, NASCAR on Fox commentator
Dick Berggren, NASCAR on Fox field reporter
Bob Jenkins, newscaster speed.
Bill Weber, NASCAR commentator on NBC.
Benny Parsons, NASCAR commentator on NBC.
Wally Dallenbach NASCAR commentator on NBC.
Elvis Costello as a guest at the party of Girard.
Mos Def as a guest at the party Girard
David Prospectus as a collector, fan, press photographer, racing driver
In tribute to Talladega Nights, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards out of his car shattered after an accident with Brad Keselowski on the last lap, where he hit the fence and slid to catch about 100 meters from the finish line. He left his car and ran across the finish line on the last lap of the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Aaron’s 499 (Talladega) with a standing ovation from the crowd. Fox NASCAR play-by-play commentator Mike Joy said how it was “shades of Ricky Bobby.” Edwards later asked about this on Larry King Live, he said, “. I’m kind of a fan of Will Ferrell made at the end of Talladega Nights”
Blu-ray was released on November 17, 2006 and the standard DVD and UMD for PSP on December 12, 2006. The menu gives the viewer the option of Super Speedway (with the film footage used as intros when the special features, scene selection, etc. you choose) or short track (no video intros.) Movie DVD is presented in standard four different configurations, giving consumers a choice between either widescreen theatrical and unrated versions and anamorphic (2.40:1 aspect ratio) or in a pan & scan presentations. For audio, each has a standard DVD Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in English and French with subtitles in English and French. Extras for the standard DVD editions include a retrospective ’25 Years Later ‘commentary track with most of the main cast, deleted scenes and extended, and additional material race, featurettes, interviews with Ricky, Cal, and Carley, a gag reel, a “line-o-rama” feature with alternative dialogue of the film, and DVD-ROM content. The disc contains additional unrated deleted scenes (“Cal Calls Ricky” and “What did you do today?”), An interview with Jean and Gregory, and commercial. The “Unrated & Uncut” DVD omits two scenes and some shows that are present in the stage version, the scene where young Ricky steals his mother’s car station and the scene that shows what happened to pit crew Ricky. The scenes are not present in the deleted scenes either.

The Blu-ray release is available in a dual-layer disc with the majority of features presented in high definition including: nine deleted / extended scenes, three interviews, gag reel, Line-O-Rama, additional material race, Ricky & Commercial Cal (However, Cal is not in any of the commercials), Ricky & PSAs Cal, & Walker Texas Ranger, Will Ferrell Returns to Talladega and a trailer. There are also three extra not presented in HD: Spot Daytona 500, NASCAR Chase for the Nextel Cup Spot and Spot Sirius and NASCAR. Regarding technical aspects, this edition is the unrated cut and presents the film with a widescreen transfer in its theatrical 2.40:1 aspect ratio and includes Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks in English and French, and a 5.1 PCM track uncompressed English audio, along with English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Thai subtitles. The first million 60 GB and 20 GB PlayStation 3 unit includes a free copy of Blu-ray movie.

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