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July 13, 2011 by Post Team 

'Talent' Recap‘Talent’ Recap, Got Talent America launched its first live show of the season last night on NBC and featured 12 of the 48 acts to perform to stay alive in the competition. The first live show America’s Got Talent this season was a ratings sensation, grossing 15.8 million viewers and surpassing the week. It also marked the third highest marks in the history grip of reality show. 12 acts took the stage in a burst of two hours of danger, the variety and difficulty, here is the breakdown of the events the night before.

Miami All Stars: The dance group was forced to change the music he had rehearsed endlessly in the last minute after discovering it would not be allowed to play in the live show. Which had a strong performance despite the hiccups and the judges all agreed.

Dezmond Meeks: The Louisiana native makes a performance full of cheese from the Stones’ “Satisfaction” of reactions. Piers Morgan loved it, while Howie Mandel was honest in saying that the flamboyant and high performance was not his bag.

Those Funny Little People: The creepy gnome disguised people dedicated to hate Morgan took the stage to rattle through ‘Singing in the Rain’ and awkwardly transition to ‘It’s Raining Men. “It was still the weakest performance of the vines and Morgan reaffirmed its position on the hope of an eventual exit from the law.

The bold Flores family: Two children and their mother took the bikes with fury inside a steel globe cage The Black Eyed Peas “Pump It”, though you could barely hear the music through the engine roaring. The event was praised by the judges but questioned after how far I could take one note performance even more.

Squonk Opera: In what will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the worst performers in the history of AGT, the band showed promise with an eclectic set of acid trip inspired by the music scene today, but it was brutal. The singer could not sing and the fusion of piano and drums are not aligned properly, getting an X on both Sharon Osbourne and Morgan. Mandel was about to hit the X too, but bailed when he saw the old man dressed in the costume of Cupid funny. Mandel asked if he could have finished the program team and proudly wore it to even more upset Morgan.

J. Chris Newberg: Comedian singing seemed off his game with the delivery of his songs, a shirt and never grabbed the audience. After an X from Morgan, Newberg had a children’s choir sings “That’s probably a bad idea after he gave some semi-humorous jokes. Mandel said he would buy a ticket to see live show of Newberg and Morgan pours over hate hard to say the singer’s entire act was “definitely a bad idea.”

Set Boogie: The street dancer was on fire despite suffering what may or may not have been a sympathy vote in the leg injury early. He had mentioned that he could not perform many of his signature moves before his performance, but managed to make many shots, landing on the leg several times. The judges loved the performance and most likely secured a spot to advance in the competition.

Echo of the gardens of the animals: a woman has her parrot sings and complete her sentences, while Mandel summarizes it best to ask, “Is this an act of millions of dollars, or a very good birthday party?”

The Fiddleheads: This was perhaps the most daunting sequence of events considering the band was a favorite to advance. After his surrender apparently forced ‘Billie Jean’ and tough questioning by three judges, the fate of the group is likely to have been sealed.

Aero Duo: The event was an aerial cliche horrible music selection and the three judges called them to play it safe. The two artists achieved impressive athletic twist straight out of the competition with another act stale and forgettable.

Anna Graceman: The 11-year-old took her keyboard once more to sing “What a Wonderful World” on what should and started as a cliché and forgettable limit. Graceman managed to finish the song with high notes has managed to sing so far, saving what could have been a disaster and in the process probably secured one of the four forward.

Russian Bar Trio Sandou: The final act of the night was by far the most impressive. The company added an extremely stressful bed of nails, and finally the fire under your jump bar and a time to another woman spinning through the air without effort could have been killed with a slip of the foot. The trio finally secured a place to move forward after tonight’s eliminations.

The live show results on Wednesday, eight of the 12 acts will be systematically pulled from the competition after U.S. vote last night. The results of July 13 airs 9 ET and will include a performance by Canadian pop sensation Avril Lavigne. Will play two songs, including “What the hell and smiles.” The cast of the Broadway musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert will also be performing live.

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