Chelsea Handler S-ex-tape Watch

April 30, 2010 by Post Team · Comments Off 

Chelsea Handler Sextape WatchChelsea Handler Sextape Watch : Chelsea Handler claims that the sex scene tape on the comedy routine demo tape obtained by Radar Online was just a joke. It seems that, 10 years ago, the audition tapes were sent out to various talent agents and comedy clubs in the hopes of getting some stand-up gigs, says Chelsea Handler. She said that she thought it might be a excellent idea to do a seem-so sex tapes. That is her part of the story. The sex scene is a fake and a joke as per the late night comedian.

However, few sources have indicated that tapes were highly explicit to be a joke!

The tape was shot just about a decade ago after Chelsea settled down in Los Angeles. The tape begins with Chelsea putting on the camera in what appears to be her apartment. In the first part of the tape, fully clothed Chelsea is in her work uniform. She starts by making an introduction on herself before embarking on a stand-up routine and the scene changes to show Chelsea and her male partner involved in an explicit sex act.

The report further indicated that the male participant speaks with a British accent and appears behind Chelsea in the sequence.

The talk show host appeared on β€œThe Tonight Show,” on 28 April 2010 promoting her latest book, β€œChelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.”

Yes, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang!!

There is one website that claims to have the video online, visit at your own risk: