Adamek Vs Maddalone

December 10, 2010 by staff · Comments Off 

Adamek Vs Maddalone, Polish heavyweight in the world, Tomasz Adamek, 42-1, 27 knockouts, is a stay busy fight against slugger somewhat dangerous, Vinny Maddalone, 33-6, 24 KO in a fight 12 rounds. Adamek is one of the top heavyweights in the direct line for a title match against WBC Kingpin, Vitali Klitschko.

The 10 or so dollar pay per view will present these fight 12 rounds with the punch chance against the skill of boxing Adamek. Maddalone promises to press Adamek, but can be loaded into a minefield with accurate shots Polish heavyweight to beat when it comes in. What bodes well for Maddalone is that Adamek can be touched, but he took shots Chris Arreola and Michael Grant and has not faded. Maddalone, a loser to Brian Minto, Evander Holyfield, and Jean-Marc Mormeck is a heavy underdog on Thursday.

Love them or hate them, we can not say that the Klitschko brothers are doing what champions are supposed to do. They fight against all regularly. Unfortunately, they eliminated most recognizable contenders and are now chasing those who are still and somewhat obscure.

Wladimir Klitschko, 55-3, 49 knockouts, defends his IBO / IBF / WBO titles against unknown challenger, Derek Chisor, 14-0, 9 KO, which, fortunately, to be shown on ESPN3. Klitschko has won thirteen fights in a row and was dominant in the destruction of his opposition. He seems unbeatable right now and even more so when you look at the heavyweights ranked wanting a shot.

Wlad has shown improvement in its dominant and stopping former WBC champion Sam Peter, a guy who gave him a world of trouble in 2005. It is huge, confident, and has greatly improved his defense over the years. Chisor size is an outsider, but do not count on him for now.

Chisor is upset with criminal activity and the roughness of the ring. Fans of boxing as a villain and he is aggressive, something that all recent opponents have failed to be against either Klitschko. If Chisor rolls the dice and going to stop, he has a chance. If he tries to outbox Wlad, he will end like the others … a heap on the canvas mutilated, beaten to death outside. It can be fun while it lasts.

Former Super-Champion, Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy, 25-3, 17 KO returns to the ring against Dhafir Smith 23-19-7, 4 KO, with the title Super-UBO on the line. Lacy is back after his defeat in 2009 to Roy Jones, JR. And hopes that the new Lacy will be more like old lace, and start with the destruction of Smith and a belt around his waist.

Building on the success of the tournament Super Six Classic World Boxing, Showtime brings a rooster single elimination tournament with four men, with the first two match ups will be held this Saturday evening.

Vic Darchinyan, 35-2-1, 27 KO, taking on Abner Mares, 20-0-1, 13 KO, with the cck* IBO title in the balance. Darchinyan, the “Raging Bull” was a big name in boxing and a great attraction, before losing by a Nonito Donaire stopped. His career rebounded, but the public interest seems to have slowed. He hopes to win the tournament and return to the book for lists of books, where he once was.

Mares is relatively unknown but has learned a lot with other roosters Yohnny Perez in his last fight. Perez is also in the tournament.

The co-feature and half of the start of this tournament is Yohnny Perez, 20-0-1, 14 KO, trying to impose his power and keep his IBF bantamweight title as he faces the hard punching Joseph Agbeko, 27-2, 22 KO. This is a rematch of a fight that Perez won by UD in late 2009. “King Kong” Agbeko plans revenge.

The best was saved for the end of Amir Khan, 23-1, 17 knockouts, defends his title against WBA welterweight punches hard, Marcos Maidana, 29-1, 27 knockouts, in a grudge match. Khan was accused by some to avoid Maidana and really stay away from any fight with a decent punch. His last fight with Paulie Malignaggi seemed to confirm these allegations. Malignaggi was no threat to stop it.

Khan’s chin is in question because of his defeat to Breidis Prescott the only one in 2008, when it was bombed in 54 seconds of the first round. He rebounded well, picked up a title and a world boxing skills. Maidana only lost by split decision and a relentless attacker, stopping the talented Victor Ortiz in a thriller recently. His last fight has raised some questions, a disappointing decision win DeMarcus Corley, but it may have looked before him. He got the decision win this fight and comes in with something to prove. A fantastic fight!

The co-feature pits Victor Ortiz, 28-2-1, 22 knockouts, against Lamont Peterson, 28-1, 14 KO in a fight 12 rounds. Peterson and Ortiz are top contenders welterweight boxer and he will be the Peterson relative to the punch in Ortiz in what promises to be another battle convincing. HBO has set up a header a large double.