Tim Hortons Kandahar

November 27, 2011 by staff · Comments Off 

Tim Hortons Kandahar, After five years of serving 2.5 million customers from more than 37 different nationalities, the Tim Hortons outlet at the Canadian Forces operations base in Kandahar, Afghanistan will be closing at the end of this month, as most Canadian troops withdraw from Kandahar.

“It has been an absolute privilege and honour for Tim Hortons to be associated with the military and bring a little taste of home to the brave Canadian soldiers serving overseas,” said Paul House, Executive Chairman, President and CEO, Tim Hortons. “We are flattered that so many troops from different nations also made Tim Hortons a part of their everyday routine.”

Since opening on Canada Day in 2006, the Kandahar Tim Hortons served four million cups of coffee, three million donuts and half a million iced cappuccinos and bagels. More than 300 sea containers of Tim Hortons products were shipped over five years to Kandahar from Kingston, ON.

Kandahar soldiers were also able to take part in Tim Hortons’ annual Roll Up the Rim To Win contest when a special version of the popular giveaway was introduced to this location in 2007. Since then, Tim Hortons gave away more than 46,000 food prizes plus Tim Cards, cash prizes and other items such as laptops, cameras, GPS, backpacks and the much-coveted Tim Hortons camouflage hats.

More than 230 Canadians made the trip overseas to work at the Kandahar Tim Hortons, supporting approximately 30,000 deployed Canadian Forces members over 11 rotations.

The Kandahar Tim Hortons has been operated by the Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) with proceeds benefitting military community and family support programs. For this location, Tim Hortons waived all fees and operating costs typically associated with a franchise.

“We want to thank members of the Canadian Forces and all Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services employees who operated the Tim Hortons outlet in Kandahar for allowing us to be part of their operation for the last five years,” added House.