Pete Weber

February 28, 2012 by staff · Comments Off 

Pete Weber, The final round of the PBA US Open took place on Sunday Feb. 26, and Pete Weber would walk away with the title. The US Open is easily the most difficult tournament on the PBA tour, but Weber has won the tournament more times than anyone else in the history of the sport. The win on Sunday was Weber’s 5th US Open, which allowed him to pass his father, Dick Weber, and Don Carter. Pete Weber was 49 years old when he won the tournament, which also makes him the oldest winner of the US Open.

Pete Weber came into the final round as the 4th seed, so he would have to defeat three different opponents to win the title. Weber ended the first match with six strikes in a row to capitalize on a late open frame by Ryan Shafer. Weber would also have to come from behind to win his second match against Jason Belmonte. This set up a championship match between Weber and Mike Fagan, the winner of the USBC Masters earlier in the season. Fagan would open late in the match to once again open the door for Weber. Fagan finished the match with the final four strikes to put the pressure on Weber. After getting a spare to start the 10th frame, Weber was forced to strike on his last shot to win the title. He threw one of his best shots of the day and walked away with a one pin victory.