The Martha Stewart Show

January 30, 2012 by staff · Comments Off 

The Martha Stewart Show, The Hallmark Channel and ATI are penning a deal to put Marie Osmond’s new talk show on as a replacement for Martha Stewart’s show Martha. Osmond’s new show will feature celebrity interviews, cooking and pretty much anything featured on other daytime talk shows.

A Talented Entertainer

Television viewers know Marie Osmond best from the 1970s variety show Donny & Marie, which she hosted with her brother Donny Osmond. But Marie Osmond is famous for more than just her talent as a singer and entertainer. She is well known for her girl-next-door personality, for nurturing her family, and especially for her bright smile. Viewers should expect to see Osmond’s personality and her smile shine through when her new show airs, according to According to a recent FOX News report.

How to Get Marie’s Look

Since the ’70s, Osmond fans have copied her dramatic, feminine look. To get her look now, opt for dark, natural-toned brunette hair in a soft, flowing, shoulder-length style. For special events, copy Osmond’s loose ringlets. Use a flat-iron to straighten hair for everyday or tie hair back with a chunky headband to catch fly-away hairs.

Opt for light-toned foundation to create a porcelain effect, then play up your eyes and lips with dramatic color. Start with a smoky eye shadow kit such as Cameo Smoky Eyes Model No. 1987-D, $9.97, Amazon, then add eye liner that extends just outside the eyelid to create a wing tip shape. Finish with black waterproof mascara.

For the lips, use a deep plum shade of lipstick and matching lip liner. Use the lip liner to outline your lips and then apply a generous layer of lipstick inside the lip liner. The intense color of the lipstick will draw attention to discolored teeth, and the smile is an important part of this look, so make sure your teeth are white.