Habari Gani,Kwanzaa Principles

December 26, 2009 by USA Post · Comments Off 

Habari Gani,Kwanzaa Principles:Habari Gani is a Swahili phrase, used by many who celebrate Kwanzaa. It’s literal interpretation is “What’s the news?”

When you think of common greetings we use with another another, Habari Gani isn’t that far from the norm. “What’s up?” “How are you doing?” “What’s new with you?” They all mean pretty much the same thing.

So maybe in honor of Kwanzaa and the end of the Christmas holiday, we should bear in mind that the spirit of goodness, kindness, love and peace shouldn’t be saved for the holidays, and we can incorporate the notion of celebration behind Kwanzaa’s “Habari Gani.”

As we greet our friends and neighbors saying “Habari Gani,” perhaps we can hint at the celebration of good will toward men throughout the year.