I Am Not A Human Being Lil Wayne

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I Am Not A Human Being Lil Wayne, While Drake and Nicki Minaj have released material young enough money to blanket the world of Hip Hop until 2014, remains a void that could not cover. Leader Lil Wayne Young Money Revolution ‘has had its grip on the top short cut due to a spate of prison. But even imprisonment has failed to end the workload of the man as New Orleans’ favorite son drops his latest album EP-back, “I am not a human being.

An appropriate title for an artist whose output material can only be described as out of this world, Lil Wayne’s next adventure to keep you waiting the rest of Hip Hop’s all-star lineup, including a brief pause.

No surprises on the cover in the first game of “sht” is intoxicated with space and style rhythms Weezy signed with Drake’s breath flow to balance supply not deformed. “Hold Up” follows suit coolest android, but when the album comes to a title track that finally shakes off the topic of space and immersed directly in some strong riffs and retro rhythms.

Similar to the classic Beastie Boys, Wayne destroys the track with an outstanding performance resulting in a hymn for future live events. In addition to numerous appearances in Drake, Wayne also holds the help of longtime producer Drizzy 40 for those classified, soft cut, “I am alone.”

Nicki Minaj hook manages the rights to “What’s wrong with them” – which is somewhat disappointing, given its recent demolition of the tracks are presented in this year, a quick 16 could have done more for the above subject. Harajuku Barbie but manages to put a few lines in the first of the two young money posse cuts, “YM Salute” is another searing guitars, while returns “YM Banger” on the subject outside the style before.

Ending with “That Is not Me“, with Jay Sean, and the hardest to “Bill Gates”, Weezy F baby makes a welcoming statement with an attractive album. While it still feels more like an EP (which was his original intention), the ten tracks [excluding bonuses] I am not a human being are diverse enough to keep the attention on anyone but Wayne fans.

Lil Wayne rhymes be tight and the production of a fair balance between the sounds of southern trademarks and deformed galactic offerings. With a narrower issue than expected from their highly anticipated album The Carter IV, I am not a human being, yet maintains the appeal of rapper explores his musical creativity and announces his return among the elite stars of today.

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