Pearland ISD

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Pearland ISD, Pearland Independent School District is a school district based in Pearland, Texas, USA. Pearland ISD serves most of the city of Pearland, City of Brookside Village, and unincorporated areas of Brazoria County (including Silverlake). Each zone or residential home in Pearland is zoned to an elementary school (grades PK-4), a secondary school (5-6), a junior high school (7-8), and one of two high schools (9-12). Dr. Bonny Cain has been director since 2000. Before becoming CEO, she was Assistant Chief of Administration, executive director of support services, capital Pearland Jr. High East, and CJ Harris Elementary capital. She has been with the district since 1988.

As the school year 2009-2010, a member of seven-elected board of directors manages the district.

Glenn Garrison, DDS, President
Adele Brennan, Vice-President
Dean Hamil, Secretary
Virgil Gant, Member
Suzy Roberts, Member
Lillian Smith,
Andrew Solomon, a member
In 2009, the school district has been deemed “academically acceptable” by the Texas Education Agency.

Pearland Independent School District was created in 1937. The building of the home school elementary and high campus still standing on the Grand Boulevard in the heart of Pearland. Pearland ISD growth has exploded since the city was named “All American City” in the mid-1990s, and the district and the city has experienced tremendous growth from 25,000 in 1985 to over 100,000 in 2008. The neighborhood has evolved with the growth of the campus construction and other facilities to keep students. In 2006, Pearland ISD began using international guidelines bachelor’s program in their elementary and middle school campuses. In addition to the city of Pearland, Pearland ISD also serves the communities of Brookside Village and Silverlake. Brookside Village is a small village north of Pearland, Silverlake and is a planned community with a plan that is outside the limits of Pearland western city.

Superintendents earlier:

B. B. Ainsworth (1937-1944)
H. L. McAninch (1944-1947)
J. D. Gray (1947-1958)
Dr. Lloyd R. Ferguson (1958-1966)
Prensner Steven (1966-1968)
Robert Turner (1968-1976)
G. Bullard Preston (1976-1991)
James P. Schleicher (1991-2000)
Dr. Bonny Cain (2000 -)

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