Facebook Places

August 19, 2010 by Post Team · Comments Off 

Facebook Places, If Facebook places before tonight, said their application for the iPhone will be updated tonight with the new check-in functionality. Indeed, here it is. Despite the warning from the App Store update has not kicked in yet, if you go to the current page and refresh it, must be the latest version (version 3.2).

As you can see, the new area locations at the center of the application. When clicked a list of their friends who have recently been registered in several places. When you click the friends shows more details on where they are.

The friends that are near and those who are elsewhere sort Friend check-ins. Your sequence will now check in these places too.

One thing that is strangely difficult it is to actually check-in. I seriously cannot find a way to do it right now. Let me know what I need. We said it could take some time before the full functionality launches the application, so you may have some small element Facebook again, for the moment. [Update below Facebook]

However, version of the site functionality is working and seems much more evident.

You’ll also notice that Facebook has changed the icon in the inbox of your new implementation. And to make room for the sites, the element of the Notes application has been passed to the second page.

Again, you can find the latest version of the application here – unfortunately, it is only available to U.S. users for now.

Update: A number of people in the U.S. messages are also reporting that sites and is not available in your area. It appears that Facebook is slowly rolling this out. Stay tuned.

Update 2: I just talked to Facebook and informed me that although the application is live, the functionality is not extended to places around the world yet. That’s why some people see the message that is not available in your area – and why others can not even check-in. Facebook wants to make sure your servers can handle the load that inevitably comes from what will be a deployment in the next day or two I’ve heard.