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Cbssports, According to ‘s Adam Jacobi, Mississippi State handed the information to the SEC regarding the recruitment Cameron Newton did not include any mention of calls reported by’ s Joe Schad.

“SEC spokesman Charles Bloom said Wednesday evening that there was no mention of the conversations reported in one of the school reports to the league.”

Yesterday, MSU allowed to turn information to the SEC in January and July for abnormalities in the recruitment of Newton.

Schad ESPN reported two days ago that two sources “who recruit for the State of Mississippi” (whatever that means) told him that Newton and his father had “acknowledged in separate telephone conversations with a pay-play plan while Newton was recruited last last year. ”

I do not know if you’re as tired of this story that I am, but I’m sick as hell of it. It’s like trying to argue cats.

Everyone is talking about. But nobody talks about the issue. There are hundreds of allegations, accusations, faults, blunders and lies in its own right. But there are very few facts.

However, all five minutes of fire outside Timbuktu in Tuscaloosa a new sentence or two that forces everyone else to re-write their own stories.

Welcome to a world where everyone is the media. (Warning: It will not be a good world ..)

We will try to simplify this mess for you later in the day.

If we did today, we had to change when he tweets LonnieTiger43 some bomb again later in the day.