Downton Abbey Ratings

February 24, 2012 by staff · Comments Off 

Downton Abbey Ratings, It has been warmly and fanatically embraced by its Stateside cousins who have rewarded it with praise, love and a smattering of coveted accolades.

So it’s hardly surprising that the second series of Downton Abbey would prove to be a ratings winner, especially as it drew to a close and left its American viewings itching for more.

Today it was revealed that the ITV drama gave PBS its highest ratings for three years when the season two finale aired in the US on Sunday night.

It drew an average of 5.4million viewers, its highest ratings since the September 2009 premiere of Ken Burns’ ‘National Parks’.

The second season has also proved to be a winner online with more than 4.8 million viewings of episodes viewed on PBS’ digital portal, which bests season one’s online viewing numbers by more than 400 percent.

And overall, Downton content has racked up more than 9 million streams across all platforms, with 1.5 million unique visitors, since season two’s January 8 premiere.

Season two is set in World War One as Downton becomes a convalescence home to injured soldiers and sees a member of staff and a relation go off to fight.

In the last episode of the second series, Spanish flu hits the household and Matthew Crawley’s fiancée Lavinia Swire loses her life.

Head housemaid Anna Smith marries valet John Bates but at the end of the episode, he is arrested in connection with his estranged wife’s murder.