Cheyenne Jackson

September 5, 2011 by Post Team · Comments Off 

Cheyenne JacksonCheyenne Jackson, Actor Cheyenne Jackson on Monday accused Rep. Michele Bachmann Minnesota Dissing marriage substitutes for the weekend to Monte Lapka.

On Saturday, the actor 36 years old, sent an openly gay news of his wedding to more than 30,000 followers on Twitter.

“It’s official, after 11 years together, Zora is no longer a ba*tard. He married the best man I ever met,” he wrote, referring to his dog Zora.

On Monday, he said: “Thx 4 of affection! In his most charming Bachmann supporters GodsWordIsLaw @ RT: @ cheyennejackson your information, you will never have a true marriage. # No4m”

Jackson was responding to a Minnesota-based tweet GodsWordIsLaw, a tea party and supporter Bachmann: “@ cheyennejackson a real marriage = 1 man, 1 woman, like its always been. Stop trying to change society to accommodate two ur choice to radical lifestyle. ”

Dustin Goolsby plays Jackson, the coach of rival adrenaline Vocal music in the musical comedy Glee Fox and Danny Baker on NBC’s 30 Rock. He played hero Mark Bingham 11.09 in the Academy Award-nominated United 2006 93. In his latest film, The Green, who plays the gay partner of a teacher accused of abusing a student.