Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

October 17, 2011 by staff · Comments Off 

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, The game ISN, AOT even out yet and, becoming leading protagonist and the lists and making waves. Three consecutive weeks in a row, Activision and Infinity Ward, becoming the protagonist of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has topped the steam, so that the list of the 10 with only pre-orders alone.

The game has been doing in the top 10 with at least two or more consecutive ads since early September. According to the Blues game was always ready on Steam, becoming top 10 player for three consecutive weeks. And with the exception of steam listings of September 25 appeared in Modern Warfare 3 Steam, up becoming a hero of 10 previous consecutive three consecutive weeks. As the game is to release most of the world can expect to see Modern Warfare 3 continue to top the charts until the end of the holiday.

According to the blog of BF3 (of all places) Modern Warfare 3 is expected to sell over 20 million copies this year and that certainly seems to be heading in the right direction to stay on top of the list Steam 10 almost every week in the final.

Infinity Ward has also said he wants to win back the support of PC gamers to bring back the dedicated server support. However, there, becoming the protagonist is still no mod support, which was taken after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Electronic Arts does not believe that the trend will last, however, and believe that this chart topping fade and Call of Duty will die in two or three years.

However, you can search for Modern Warfare 3 will hit sales and digital distribution of 59.99 and 08 November from major gaming platforms. You can learn more about the game or pre-order by visiting the official website.