Bill O’Reilly divorce

March 18, 2013 by staff · 1 Comment 

Bill O’Reilly divorce, Bill O’Reilly’s divorce is turning nasty. The Fox network host and political pundit and his wife Maureen McPhilmy separated in 2010, in New York, and the next year they apparently got a quiet divorce, with shared custody. But that’s the last quiet part. Since then, Bill O’Reilly appears to have turned the divorce into a campaign of harassment against his ex-wife, reports the Inquisitr on Monday, March 18. Apparently it’s all over the children.

McPhilmy began dating a Nassau County detective, whom she later married. O’Reilly allegedly got county authorities to launch an internal affairs investigation into their relationship. Would this be possible? With the right connections, it would.

The county ordered a therapist-arbitrator to handle the child custody proceedings, reporting to the court. Bill O’Reilly somehow managed to hire the therapist as a full-time employee and all around nanny for the children, who are 10 and 13. That somewhat negated the therapist’s value as an impartial observer of the custody arrangements. The truth of this part is well documented, and seems to be undisputed.