American Idol Jimmy Iovine

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American Idol Jimmy Iovine, This week on “American Idol” the remaining nine singer perform the music of their own Idols. Fleetwood Mac lead singer Stevie Nicks joins Jimmy Iovine to mentor the singers on their musical choices. Along with the solo performances, the Idols will form trios for a performance.

Thie night kicks off with heartthrob Colton Dixon and “Everything” by Lighthouse; Colton says it is his favourite worship song; and Stevie is a fan of Colton’s. Steven told Colton, “you are a dream come true fro a judge on Idol;” adding that Colton has perfect pitch and star quality. Jennifer said, “what a way to start the show;” adding that she was really moved when Colton sang and he did it beautifully and with emotion. Colton brought tears to his grandfather’s eyes. Randy said he believed every song Colton sang; adding that he lays it out and doesn’t hid it. Randy called it an unbelievable performance and that Colton could be a contender for the title.

Country girl Skylar chose “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert. Jennifer said Skylar had unbridled energy, and it was the perfect song for her. Steven said it was, ”over the top;” adding Skylar sang like she was singing to an old friend. Randy called Skylar a powerhouse singer who was a great performer but reminded her that it’s all about the story. Randy said that he loved it.

The first trio of the night was from Colton, Elise, and Phillip with a tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac that included “Landslide” with Colton in the lead. Steven called the performance most excellent and the trio nailed them.

After being called out for not taking the competition seriously, Heejun came in with a new attitude and “A Song for You”. At the end of the performance the judges were on their feet. Steven said Heejun did it and turned it around; adding that Heejun let the song sing him. Jennifer said that Heejun has a beautiful tone and vibrato; adding we knew he could sing and can move people. Randy said that his fellow judges said it all.

Host Ryan SeacrestRyan Seacrest was joined by Jason Darulo to announce a new songwriting contest for Coke. The final product will be performed on the season finale. Details on how to enter the contest are on the Idol website at

Hollie Cavenaugh takes on the music of an Idol winner when she sings “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood. Randy was a little afraid for Hollie singing Carrie but was impressed and felt she did a good job. Jennifer disagreed with Randy saying that she felt it was one of Hollie’s best performances; adding that Hollie connected with the song. Steven said that he heard and felt the emotion but wished that Hollie had chosen a different song.

DeAndre took on his R&B Idol Eric Benet with “Sometimes I Cry”. When the performance ended all three of the judges were on their feet. Steven said the performance was 100 percent passion and what his voice was made to do; adding that DeAndre gave Prince a run for his money. Jennifer said that DeAndre has a special voice and told people to vote for DeAndre because she wanted to hear more of his voice. Randy called the performance beautiful and it was who DeAndre is and what he should do.

Jessical took on the huge Idol Beyone with “Sweet Dreams”. Jennifer said it was a really beautiful rendition and she left them wanting more. Steven said it was a great performance and Jessica was a star no matter what and it was delicious. Randy said that Jessica has unbelievable talent and is one of the best singers he has heard in many a year.