Arlington Tx

October 23, 2010 by staff · Comments Off 

Arlington Tx, TX Arlington has become a favorite place of the Rangers fans and own the equipment, since it is the place where you did something that was unimaginable, really defeated the Yankees and that was after a long period fifty years in franchise history the team. The city was full of fans of both teams and scored the Rangers winning the World Series and what it really meant something big cash to the team. The whole atmosphere was amazing in Arlington TX; the rain that was expected to spoil a great night for fans of Texas and some cool breeze began to blow as well. The flags on the top is stirred very proud.

The great victory of 6-1 to the Rangers in Arlington TX and there was some very great performances from the Rangers side, Colby Lewis pitched very well and only allowed one run on only three hits that were in a

total of eight innings. A large crowd of just over fifty thousand people in the stadium and when the last out was made possible thanks to the Rangers began running on the field with their white shirts and really looked amazing. Now what we see is that who will be the opponent for the Rangers in the competition next two teams will battle tonight in the field in order to qualify for the World Series.

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