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October 13, 2010 by staff 

Susana Valenzuela, The new television system is often said, rarely joyful. And then there were the photos Wednesday of a brave, worthy of the miners who were trapped underground for more than two months being brought to the surface, to breathe fresh air and embrace their loved ones.

Communications technology – including live video from inside the mine – transformed the world into a global village in the hope of the safe release of the men they did not know and may never meet. It was as if each of us could see us at their place, wondering how we could cope with sustained terror and the sudden emergence into the light.

“It seems we’re all there with them, even if we are so far from London,” said Jose Torres, 34, early Wednesday morning that the rescue took place. “For once, this is a story with a good end.”

They felt the hugs around the world. It is a characteristic of the age of television that intimacy can be broadcast live to hundreds of millions of people simultaneously, creating a shared memory of great moments.

In New York, Mark and Susan Vannucci, a landscaper and a nurse from Bethpage, New York, saw the rescue on TV in a restaurant in Times Square.

“It’s a moving story. Family Values It is leadership, that’s all we should have here, “said Mark Vannucci. His wife said: “Instead of these guys in the mine to shoot each other, they worked together, they bonded.”

“It’s a miracle, a wonderful event,” said Bernard Carr, a professor of astronomy and mathematics to discuss with other passengers on the train from London Liverpool Street. He praised the camaraderie of the miners, but warned stress that the men will face now that they are above the ground may be more intense than their ordeal below.

Some marveled at the ability of minors to cope for so long, and feared they could not have been tested.

“It’s pretty amazing to see them stay there too long and not go crazy,” said Tamara Craiu, a student 21-year-old from Singapore, who is a student in London. “I’ll go crazy.”

The rescue of each juvenile has triggered a wave of congratulatory messages on Twitter, where many were already suggesting Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck and Nicholas Cage star in a Hollywood film about the race.

Some Internet users in Mexico posted messages bittersweet, praising the government of Chile, but regretted that their country could not save the 65 miners who died in 2006 after an explosion at a mine coal.

Spain Saguillo Elias, one of some 50 Spanish miners who staged a monthlong ground in September on the unpaid wages and grant applications, said that he and his colleagues have taken the test day after day and Chile who are now delighted rescue.

“Generally, we are proud of how the Chilean miners endured. From the first day until the end, they behaved like real miners, Saguillo, 45, after finishing his shift at the mine Las Cuevas in Palencia province north, where he and his colleagues spent 28 days at a depth of 500 meters.

Evaluation of the announcement Saguillo said the worst for the Chileans have been the two weeks they spent right after the mine collapsed, before word reached the ground and they did not know if someone was even looking for them. “Every fear possible had to go through the head,” said Saguillo.

The images have riveting rescue was broadcast live throughout much of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa throughout the night and during the day, pulling the blanket around the clock several responses cable.

State broadcaster China Central Television broadcast a report on its evening show, while the official Chinese news agency Xinhua published an editorial praising the rescue: “For over two months, juveniles, families, citizens and the government have created a miracle of life. The rescue reflects the moment of glory of human nature. ”

Strong interest in China is partly a reflection of his own sensitivity to operational problems. China’s mining industry is considered by far the worlds deadliest, with more than 2,600 coal miners killed last year in accidents and explosions. These figures reflect a decline from previous years; the Government proposes to improve safety by closing many illegal mines.

In Seoul, minors have been top news in many media, the news channel YTN 24 hours of continuous monitors for help.

The Korea Economic Daily also published a photo showing the president hugging a Chilean Sebastian Pinera rescued miner on its front page with a headline reading: “. A miracle 69-day Chilean miners stuck out…”

Clifford Aron, an American businessman who lives in Poland, said he was deeply moved by the heroism of the miners and the quality of the leaders of Chile.

“The obvious contrast is with America,” said Aron, born 52-year-old Brooklyn. “With Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration was totally incompetent and lunch on the tragedy of man. With the BP oil spill, Obama’s approach has been to clear the ball on the responsibility of BP Chileans have shown that

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