Survivor Redemption Island

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Survivor Redemption IslandSurvivor Redemption Island, Andrea does behind the Redemption, but Natalie, Phil & Rob at the Final Tribal Council. And Rob for the win! Is uncommon for survivors of fat of normal size. They always look swollen after seeing starving for a month, and bloated look again at the reunion show. We go through Francesqua, Matt, God, Russell, Russell’s tears, the zaps, then our final four. In addition, the other four on the Isle of Redemption. Jeff Well, enough. We will continue with this.

Night 35, Grant comes to the Island of Redemption. He still does not know exactly who betrayed him, but it is A-OK with it. (Sigh, Grant, you rock.) Andrea wastes no time in saying what is the last person I wanted to see, because now the odds are stacked in quadruel against him. Maybe it’s time to take Andrea to the welcoming committee. Grant quickly finds a place in the hut to sleep – with Ralph was, I guess there’s room for everyone – and it’s lights out.

Back in Murlonio, everyone complains of grants to be voted out, even Rob, just a little, which admits he “has a heart somewhere.” Rob wants Ashley has gone, more than anyone to return the Redemption. Can you pull it? Please pull it, Rob.

We’re back on the island of Redemption see Matt trying to divide the waters. He is content to just watch the waves break and declares that he is “at peace” with the game. Useful as possible, or probably his last day in this game. The news of the arrival of the last quadruel, and Mike says he will miss the island a little redemption. I guess once you’ve fought in the war aid to see the good in every situation. We received a prayer circle last (maybe? Please?), and then the challenge.

Players set foot on one side of a seesaw; the other balances a ceramic vase. The last person with their situation vase is back in the game right. Twenty minutes passed, the boys roll around, but fail to anyone. Forty minutes, and the vase falls Grant. Boo. The gang of Ometepe look really sorry for him – in particular, Ashley, who knows that he should have and that has been had she won the immunity. An hour passes, and Matt falls glass. Ometepe all shake their heads in approval. Finally, praises the Lord, is gone forever! It’s up to Mike, who is unstable, and Andrea. Mike vase falls and Andrea is back in the game! Nobody saw it coming. Rob congratulates Matt to survive for so long on the island of redemption – and silently pumps his fist. It’s about time damn.

Welcome back Andrea Ometepe, Phillip does with a big hug and a kiss. Andrea says she does not feel part of the band more, but who cares because it’s an individual game now anyway. And random foreshadowy? Rob tells the camera that a reduction to the final stage, the remaining players would have to vote for Ashley because the game better.

Back at camp, we will begin the development of strategies. Or not. Rob says: “It’s really difficult,” and Natalie agrees. The girls and full of gossip in the Redemption, the island, understand Andrea. They called the girl “puppet Rob,” she says, and everyone is giving Phillip Redemption their votes if he is in the final. Then admits that the news camera that Phillip was a lie. Feisty little pot stirrer, Andrea!

Ashley says not to trust Natalie Rob so much. Rob and Phillip know exactly what there “amateur hour” are the strategies, and Rob does not appreciate how Ashley is trying to “corrupt the innocent soldier.”

We quickly found the first immunity challenge. Players must race through a balance beam and collect the tile, then place the tiles in order from one to 100. Historically, the balance is up to Rob – and definitely not Phillip – and like Rob first. The others follow quickly. Ashley shorts distract me – did you always have those? Did you find short of another person buried?

Rob has a great advantage, Phillip Ray falls, and you have to start over and falls way, way behind. Ashley hot on the heels of Rob followed by Andrea. Ashley jumps to first place. Where does this girl? Andrea runs back to his last bag of chips, then Rob. Phillip and Natalie are basically out of the challenge. Ashley Rob won immunity and is PISSED. Andrea knows she is in the pit, but it is the hope of an alliance of girls. But there are always hidden Immunity Idol that no one knows …

Rob calls everyone except Andrea, together. “She has a good relationship with people on the other side”, so it’s a no brainer. Then he tells the camera that has the idol, but he is not going to use. “I’m going home tonight.” Why do I fear that these are famous last words?

Natalia Ashley, and they promise to vote for Felipe, and keep each other in the next round. Philip, special agent mode, reports the girls talk “with Rob. The girls are suspicious of the boys, Andrea is listening to every word he says Felipe, and Phillip even called out of it. Phillip asks Rob to go for a ride, and there is paranoia everywhere. While the boys are out, the girls plot against Rob. Andrea states that everyone in the Redemption, the island will vote for Rob to win, and does it in disposing of the case Rob. And suddenly Rob innocent soldier might not be so innocent.

Rob interviews that he knows what everyone already going to do, he has played this game four times already, thank you very much, and can deliver the vote, provided there is on the side of Natalie (pardon?). Could take home as souvenirs Idol say? (Gulp.) “God, I’m sick.” And I might be too if you do not play that damn idol.

In the Tribal Council, Jeff recalls Philip of its title, “specialist in secret,” and everyone bursts out laughing. Jeff then reminds everyone that could easily be an alliance of all the girls to vote for Rob. Andrea asks girls to “actually play.” Jeff asks Natalie if she is something to consider. “Definitely,” says Natalie, and Rob’s ears encouraged. Rob makes the case for voting for Andrea, “certainly a tough competition in the end.”

Votes are cast and Jeff asked about the hidden immunity idol. Rob plays him – “My mother always told me better safe than sorry” (oh, thank God) – but strangely no one bats an eyelash at what the idol in the first place. Andrea is heading the jury, and the other to the final Immunity Challenge.

Back at camp, Phillip asked a group hug, and tells the camera he did not know Rob was the idol, but “suspicion” (uh huh), and is proud of him. When Philip drifts in the water, Rob tells the girls they are the ones to finish, you will win the final Immunity Challenge (uh, well…) and that’s going to pick to take until the end. Great great grandfather did Phil tell him the news?

And as we are in the final Immunity Challenge. More puzzles, a giant maze – both specialties of Rob, so maybe great great grandfather of Philip knows what he speaks. Jeff yells “Go!” And they do. Run many, many dead ends, a lot of confusion. Rob finds pieces of a puzzle, and then Phil does, then Ashley. Natalie is going around in circles. Ashley and Rob are neck in neck in their bags of a second. Um, Ashley, did not hear Rob say he would win? Strategy Rob Ashley is pursuing through the maze, is still finding pockets of puzzle pieces and is a few steps back.

“Natalie is a good player and still spinning,” says Jeff to kill time while Rob and Ashley untie their last bag of parts. Rob goes to the puzzle area and start making your puzzle. Ashley is right behind him. Ashley seems to be making progress with the puzzle. Rob suggests that work together. Ashley agrees, but seems to be half way and not say a word. Rob then tracks and forgets to tell Ashley what he is doing. Oops! Wins immunity! And start to mourn! Rob cries more during an interview, saying that at this stage it’s okay if you do not win, “which is ironic, because the only reason I went was to win.” What about all hydraulic this season? Oh, yes, 10 years, four times playing, blahdeeblah.

He tells the camera: “Now all I have to figure out which of these three idiots I’m sending home tonight, and then how I will convince the jury that gave me a million dollars after my wife already won. “This kind of skill with words, of him.

The ultimate challenge engenders a last embrace in the camp of Ometepe. Rob has to decide – Ashley and Phillip. But if it’s Ashley, Natalie will have to get on board. Ashley tells him not to worry, but Phil will not have it scare you. Surely, viewers deserve more freaks. Please?

The girls talk, Natalia tells Ashley that there is no need to worry. The guys talk, yes, a piece of work Ashley. Interviews Rob Ashley is very cozy, with the jury and taking it to the final three is too dangerous. He tells Natalie Natalia its decision and is not happy. So to say about Ashley? When asked about the time Ashley 50a Rob said if she is going home, not Natalie! Girl has game! Maybe.

Another Tribal Council, Jeff other gentle prodding. Rob explains the game for all “. Ultimately you want to be sitting next to people who think they can win, but you never know what you think the jury” Natalie says that along she has been the decision-making Rob (?). Philip reminds everyone that has not won a challenge, but it is a “specialist.” Ashley says she could have thrown under the bus Rob several times, but not what you should, and that she believes she can win this game, has a better chance than the rest of the last four. Girl I think it was only in

Vote, agrees Jeff: Bye bye Ashley! Natalie looks to vomit. But, well, she made this decision along with Rob, right? So … The best part of all this? We get to see Philip defend himself before the jury!

The last day, Felipe is in full regalia of feathers on the forehead above his grandfather flying as a bird. “. Why sit on the jury and I’m sitting here,” He’s going to make it clear that the jury wants to throw a little salt in the wound – without doubt the best way to win votes and a million. Definitely. Why did you say to save me? Phil asks Rob. “It was hard work, every fcking time,” Rob responds quickly.

Natalie is proud to make it through the toughest challenge of his life (19 years old! Never camped before!). And Rob is proud of her, too – so much so that he is “guided” her on how to handle the jury. “Do not apologize, tell them to kiss your ass!” Two strategies exceptional jury. If these two do what they say they will do, Rob could not stay silent and win.

Phillip paid their last respects to her pink underwear and throws them into the fire. “Thank God!” Says Rob. “Now, go wash your hands.” Felipe said that even large Jessum grandfather would be happy to view summaries of burns.

We arrived at the final Tribal Council. Natalie declares its first case – the force was social, stick with his alliance with Rob, she has been faithful, and she has the title of the youngest female winner ever in the history of, well, like, vote for it, ” agree?

Phillip on why you should win: It is recognized that Rob was going to vote out of the night, but did not. Rob apologized for even thinking such a thing and Rob forgave him. Rob is a strategist, you see – and at this point, everyone has his head in his hands, so they are tired of listening to Philip to repeat – and Phillip implementing the plan. Not be here without Rob, but it deserves to be here.

Monologue Rob: First, thank you all for allowing it to be there. He admits that if he was a shoemaker, who could have been a different story. During the game, won four immunities, build strategic alliances, worked hard in camp and did his part, but who cares? No! Jury, it’s up to you! He has been here for 10 years trying to win – almost a third of your life! – But Survivor does not define (United States, are you listening?). He is doing this for your wife! Dude has been practicing this speech for 39 days.

It’s time to jury question! Andrea first. “Phil, you are weird…. Who is the real Pastor Philip?” “If you do not know who I am after 39 days, do not vote for me,” he says. Um, OK. Andrea asks about Natalie’s relationship with Rob, and defines it as “creepy at times.” Natalie says she was not in this game to make friends that Ashley does not like to hear. Andrea did not quite understand that.

Ashley has no questions just a speech, but that’s because she and Philip are fighting over whether or not Phillip can sit in silence while Ashley talks. Ashley is not happy that Natalie did not know he was going home. And Ashley said that she did not really know who Rob is, and that’s not cool, man. But thanks Phillip for teaching their infinite patience.

Grant, and want to know how his alliance with Rob was different from that of Natalie. Rob da direct response grant – Grant could have kicked ass to Rob and he would not take the risk. Grant is pleased with this response.

Ralph confused by his speech, he claimed to Natalia by just doing what Rob said to Philip, and says he is disappointed that not a whole chicken in the head. But Phillip likes him? Yes, Ralph, Phil likes you. And this makes Ralph happy.

Matthew wants to know how Rob can be so, so WRONG! Rob how can you live like that? Um, well, it’s a game; Matt and Rob do not live like this.

Julie did not think anyone playing respectable, and that past three must feel humble to be there. Julie called Natalie a servant to Rob. Phil says is only there for Rob. Then, as she is trying to tell Rob what he did wrong, Philip begins to argue with her, then all the judges, so that its point of Rob – that she wants to raise your child to not end up like Natalie – is lost. Julie is holier than thou and irritating.

Mike asks the last three they have learned. Natalia has learned a lot: how to camp, how much she loves her family, such as herself. She just graduated high school, for the love of God! Rob has learned he has to stop playing. Mike likes this response. Phil has learned to be lonely – an outcast! – And to be fine with that.

Steve congratulates Natalie and Rob for making it all the time, Natalie for being so young and making it to the end, Rob-day for more than 100 in the game, when he could last only 31 days. Then he tells Phil she’s sorry for him because the man has become. Phillip is spoken; perhaps because he thinks that Steve is really apologize to him.

And then there is David, who decides to speak to the jury in place – Rob is the brain of the game, he says. One by one, he took everything! Ruthless, but brilliant. “It’s very easy to get your vote worth tonight.”

Is there any question that will get the cash? I mean, really. The votes of the jury, then exeunt the Tribal Council Jeff in Nicaragua and in the city a letter in New York Theater. Quick trip! All players are clean and swollen and fully clothed. Phil is sans pen, but I think Jeff was still wearing the same shirt.

Jeff asks each of the last three if they can win this game, Natalie and Phil said that yes, Rob says, “I hope so.” You know well, rather. Rob received five votes, Phil (e), and none of Natalie. Brobo, you did!

But really, everyone did. And now none of us has to do this show again. Until the return of Philip, of course. Thank you all for reading and commenting!

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