Super Bowl 2012: Top Ad Sells For $4 Million

January 31, 2012 by staff 

Super Bowl 2012: Top Ad Sells For $4 Million, According to NBC, the average cost for a 30-second ad spot during next week’s Super Bowl is $3.5 million, with some time slots costing as much as $4 million. The car companies have busted out their debit cards for 2012 Super Bowl car commercials.

This isn’t new. Back in 1990 Nissan ran a one-minute ad for its 300ZX Turbo directed by Ridley Scott. It’s one of the coolest car commercials of all time.

Soon after that, however, automakers didn’t advertise much on the Super Bowl and when they did, the creative was blah at best. The cool stuff was left to Bud Light, Doritos and Apple. But Audi changed that back in 2008.

The German automaker recognized it needed something truly ground-breaking to introduce the world to the R8 supercar. The ad was a take-off on the classic “horse’s head” scene from the movie The Godfather and it has become a classic. Since then, Audi and the other car manufacturers have had to raise their game.

Last year the creative competition continued with Super Bowl ads from Audi, BMW, Chevy, Chrysler, Kia and VW. The most memorable and effective, however, was the two-minute “Imported From Detroit” spot Chrysler aired with rapper Eminem for its 300 sedan, and VW’s mini Darth Vader, which pegged everyone’s cute meter. Powerful and well edited, those ads got buzz all through 2011.

So, with the Super Bowl just days away, Inside Line engaged with the 10 auto manufacturers that have bought ad time on this year’s 2012 Super Bowl. We wanted a preview of just what they were looking to accomplish with the millions they were spending on ad placement and production for 2012. Here is what each of the companies has released, as of this writing. In some cases they were secretive and in other cases more forthcoming. We will update this right up until the Super Bowl as more information is released. Bookmark this page and check back after the big game for a complete list of the 2012 Super Bowl car commercials.

Corey Proffitt, product communications specialist for Volkswagen of America, would only say that this year’s single 60-second spot at the beginning of the third quarter will focus on the new Beetle. “It is our hope that we can once again utilize the Super Bowl to tie this year’s ad into the success of last year’s Vader ad.”

To amp up the anticipation of this year’s spot, VW released this one-minute teaser. Fair warning: really cute dogs. Duh, it’s called “The Bark Side.”

Chrysler is the only car company to tell us nothing. We spoke to Dianna C. Gutierrez of Chrysler Media Relations, who refused to say a single world about the company’s Super Bowl ad. Total blackness.

Last year, Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” ad with Eminem was a smash hit so the stakes are even higher this time around. What is it going to do to top that? That’s what everyone is thinking. Fact is, if it does not produce Jesus or Elvis, the ad may look like a failure.

Unlike the other car companies, Chrysler is going with a single 90-second spot. Meaning, between media and production costs, it is spending approximately $10-$15 million for a single shot at getting the viewer’s attention.

This is Audi’s fifth time advertising on the Super Bowl and it is once again utilizing a 60-second ad spot. Audi’s commercial focuses on the 2013 Audi S7 Sedan, a performance version of the Audi A7, and it is called “Vampire Party.”

Chevrolet will have two pre-game 30-second ads, three in-game 60-second ads and two post-game 30-second ads. All Chevy ads will be in the first half and at a break during which there will be no other automotive advertisers.

Chevy told us that all of its ads will go in the first half of the game, whereas last year it had the Miss Evelyn/Camaro ad after the two-minute warning, which Nielsen said was the most watched.

Which ads with which products in what order will be determined by early this week. Chevy has submitted 12 ads to NBC for approval and will select from those. “Happy Grad,” the winner of the filmmaker contest, will be one. Chevy also will have other ads throughout game day. Ads will be product-specific and will feature the Camaro, Cruze, Silverado, Sonic and Volt.

The “Happy Grad” spot, which shows off the Camaro Convertible, was chosen for a “Chevrolet Route 66″ promotion co-sponsored with MSN and embedded below. The Web site has received entries from 32 countries, where 2,500 descriptive briefs were downloaded and 440 scripts submitted, with 198 30-second spots produced thus far. Thirty-eight films are being highlighted on the set, and a 1st-prize winner will receive $10,000, a 2nd-prize winner $5,000 and a 3rd-prize winner $2,500.

The 30-second spot for the Volt is called “The Alien.” It shows a guy in his PJs looking into his garage where aliens are checking out the Volt. He says, “Guys, this is the third time this week. It’s electric and you put gas in to go farther.”

“Joy” is a 30-second spot for the Sonic. Computer graphic insects fly onto the grille of a speeding Sonic, obviously enjoying the ride.

Then there’s “Anthem,” a 60-second spot also for the Sonic. It shows recent stunts done with Sonics that made news — the bungee drop, the drop from an airplane, the kickflip, and they are shown to the song “We Are Young” by Fun, which was a relatively little-known group when Chevy signed them but the song was No. 1 on last week and was featured on an episode of Glee.

Cadillac will have a single in-game 30-second ad. It will introduce the world to Caddy’s new sport sedan, the ATS. When it goes on sale this spring, the ATS will go up against the Big Three from Germany: the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class. As expected the commercial is basically high-speed shots of the rear-wheel-drive sedan eating up sections of Germany’s Nürburgring test track.

Honda plans to run a 60-second spot focusing on the updated CR-V. The spot features Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller. Instead of spending a day driving around Chicago is his friend’s dad’s Ferrari, he pilots a CR-V to various Los Angeles locales. Yes, Ferris is all grown up now.

Acura will take the bold step of promoting a car that doesn’t come out until 2014. The new spot features Jerry Seinfeld as he attempts to bribe his way into getting the first spot in line for the upcoming Acura NSX supercar. It’s the first time Acura has advertised during the Super Bowl and the ad will appear in the first quarter for continuity with the Honda ad placement.

Lexus has paired its first-ever participation in the Super Bowl with a partnership with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “The launch of the all-new Lexus GS sport sedan is so big that nothing short of the Super Bowl and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition would do it justice,” said Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president and general manager. Lexus will have three pre-game 30-second spots and one commercial during the game.

“We like to think of Hyundai as a boxer punching above his weight,” notes VP of Marketing Steve Shannon. “The Super Bowl is a serious arena that gives us a big voice in big places, taken seriously, which is necessary to grow what is now about 5 percent market share.” This year, Hyundai is indeed thinking big with two 30-second pre-game spots, a 60-second pre-kick spot and two 30-second in-game spots. The pre-kick spot is called “All for One” and features the iconic theme song from the film Rocky. It has a corporate branding feel as a “thank you” to all the employees and was filmed at the Montgomery, Alabama, facility. Three of the other spots highlight “sporty performance” while also having the company’s feel of being lighthearted via the voiceover work of actor Jeff Bridges. One spot features the new Veloster Turbo racing a cheetah while another highlights the new Genesis R-Spec sedan. The last one called “Think Fast” features the recently revised Genesis Coupe. The final commercial features the Elantra sedan and highlights the fact that it recently won the North American Car of the Year award.

This year Kia’s Super Bowl ad will feature supermodel Adriana Lima, rockers M?tley Crüe and mixed martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell. Like last year, the commercial will be hyping the Kia Optima sedan and will appear in the fourth quarter of the game.

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