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June 19, 2011 by Post Team 

Super 8 ReviewsSuper 8 Reviews, It is rare that the overwhelming feeling I left after a Super 8 is a nostalgic melancholy? The reason I went to film school, when I thought I wanted to make films, it is because I liked the next Steven Spielberg was the film that made me fall in love with movies in the first place, and the films that I thought I wanted to do movies were like yours. Spielberg’s films were the films that he thought when he thought about the movies, his films were The Movies. And now, with Super 8, which is like J.J. Abrams fulfilled my childhood dream, which leaves me with a feeling almost of seeing an alternate version of my own life: this is what you could have done if he had taken a different approach: he made a movie sci-fi adventure set in action Middle America, filled with hope and optimism and scary monsters and things of wonder we can all yawn in amazement.

But then, too, was a childhood dream. It’s not something I want more. Not that making movies is childish, that’s not what I mean at all. However, making this particular movie in this particular form seems a little bit weensy as childish for someone – like me, like Abrams – who grew up loving Spielberg. I mean, probably half of today’s 40something filmmakers drew inspiration for his work on Spielberg’s films they saw when they were children. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. However, I cannot shake the feeling that the filmmakers are breaking new ground in the way that Spielberg did in the 1970′s. He was making films of the likes of which none of us had seen before, and blew our minds, as he did. It J.J. Abrams make a movie like that for us, and discover films for children today? His last film was a reboot of a classic and beloved franchise, and no doubt his Star Trek was great. Super 8 are a fun bit of entertainment films, no doubt. But what has it to be the next Spielberg in a more meaningful? I’ll be waiting to see if he can bring some truth to the scene, and not something you love something old monkeys …

Therefore: Super 8. It is a wonderful pastiche of Spielberg, loving without being slavish imitation … except perhaps in some ways are certainly being cheeky Abrams and recognizing how much they owe to Spielberg. Has any film since Close Encounters of the Third Kind was so full of lens flare mysterious and beautiful, illuminating the night skies here in ways that are, by definition, not noticeable to the characters in the story, but just us sitting in the darkness, looking at a movie? Spielberg used lens flare to the skies look ominous and strange than it might have otherwise. Abrams is used to remind us that we are watching a movie. And congratulations to Abrams, the technique seems never to excess, even with the frequency that makes it is implemented.

Children whose story is this – Goonies Abrams – are consumed with the movies: Bossy, imaginative Charles (Riley Griffiths) is making a zombie movie for a local film festival, and his friend Joe (Joel Courtney) is doing the makeup; deformable Alice (Elle Fanning: The Nutcracker 3D, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) that stuns with his acting talent, the band is filled by arson explosives “expert” and others. Nobody says anything at the nose, but we have been thrilled Spielberg films: Carlos is happy to borrow some “production value” during its evening session sneak a passing train. But more production value than they could have imagined that a witness deliberately truck accident on the train, firing a spectacular derailment, and throw in a crazy adventure and dangerous.

There is something incredibly sweet and old fashioned at all here, from the “production value” Abrams director of the milk train crash – in fact, is one of the most spectacular things I’ve seen on screen in a long time, partly because it feels so organic and realistic way – very slowly Abrams as a writer allows you to deploy its mystery. Not a monster, oh yeah, he escaped from the train crashed – which is being operated by the Air Force – and Abrams bother us with it for a very long time, we are not giving more than a tantalizing look at, never gives us more than strange and seemingly contradictory clues on what might be up. The military descends, of course, in this small town in Ohio, is directed by Noah Emmerich (Pride and Glory, Little Children) hardass officer, and begins to spread a sense of Super 8 as a response to Spielberg’s ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, echoing Eliot fears what might happen if the army is holding his alien friend Gentile.

Small cities in the United States as a bucolic place within what is supposed to be? Cheque. Live the adventure with a boys’ club “, with the presence of a token girl barely tolerated? Cheque. Nods to the culture lost 70 (three days to develop film, The Walkmen)? Cheque. More Super 8 that pays homage to Steven Spielberg? Hmm … Tribute to an artist who has inspired not a worthless thing. But in this case, Super 8 is less than his own man, and little more than a reflection of the other.

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