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Stuxnet, The computer worm is Stuxnet to a report in the New York Times jointly by Israel and the U.S. designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. Accordingly, the worm that is directed against tax modules from Siemens, tested in the Israeli Dimona nuclear complex. Iran allowed the weekend to visit its nuclear sites at Arak and Natanz by foreign? Ndische diplomats.

As the New York Times “on Saturday, citing intelligence and military? Rexperten reported on the development of the worm was probably unwittingly involved, the German Siemens company, its systems for controlling industrial plants Stuxnet attacks. The company had therefore worked with a research organization of the U.S. Department of Energy in a program to protect against cyber attacks. The vulnerabilities were found previously were then used in the development of the worm.

The first time in June emerged Stuxnet worm is feared because it allows them to take control of key systems such as power plants, pipelines, factories and plants in the worst case, to destroy? Ren. Since most of the “infections” were found in Iran, it is believed the worm was to sabotage of nuclear facilities in the country have been developed. According to the New York Times by the worm about one-fifth of the Iranian centrifuges used to enrich uranium was destroyed? Rt.

According to the U.S. newspaper the effectiveness of the Stuxnet worm in the strictly sealed-off complex Dimona in the Negev desert was tested, where is located an Israeli nuclear facility. The Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs, Moshe Jaalon had said last month that Tehran was removed “because of technological challenges and difficulties” still years from building nuclear weapons.

US-Au? Enministerin Hillary Clinton said last week, out technical problems and the international sanctions h? Tten to slow the Iranian nuclear program. ? The head of Iran’s nuclear program and President of Au enminister, Ali Akbar Salehi, showed on Saturday that u TION back? “? Our Atomaktivit th progressing strongly, and our th activity in the enrichment of uranium go well.” H? Tte Stuxnet real damage done, h tte? International Atomenergiebeh? Authority (IAEA) reported this.

The Iranian government allowed the weekend a group of international diplomats to visit the nuclear facility at Arak and the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Representatives of non-aligned countries, including the Arab League, Syria, Venezuela and Oman, attended the visit. China, Russia and the EU, however, had declined to participate.

The five Vetom RIGHTS? The UN Security Council and Germany engage in conversation again on Friday in Istanbul? Surface with the government in Tehran over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran will dilute issuers of cards, built secretly under the pretext of peaceful use of nuclear energy in a nuclear bomb. Tehran has the suspicion. While Israel supports the U.S. efforts on sanctions to prevent the development of nuclear weapons close, t but also military one? Imperious intervention is not enough.

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