Strep Throat

November 16, 2010 by staff 

Strep Throat, Physicians in the Jordan Valley Community Health Centre are seeing many positive tests for strep throat. If you fear that you or your child may have strep throat, here are some symptoms to watch for.

A sudden and severe sore throat. It lights quickly. Swollen lymph nodes that you can be on the side of the neck. White or yellow spots on the back of the throat. Fever may also be a sign of strep throat.

If you have these symptoms, it is a good idea to call your doctor. Antibiotics are prescribed for strep throat. It is important to complete the entire prescription. Do not stop when the symptoms leave. Much more, drink water. Your throat may hurt, but keeping the fluids will help accelerate recovery.
AdvertisementIf left untreated strep throat can develop into rheumatic fever, it is important to consult your doctor.

Jordan Valley Community Health Centre is also heard many complaints from gastrointestinal virus. You’ve probably heard called stomach flu.

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and a headache.

There is no quick remedy for stomach flu. If you do, you are very contagious, it is important to stay home. The symptoms will most likely disappear within 2 days. You probably will not want to eat at that time, but you still need to drink as much as you can. If you can not keep fluids down, you should call your doctor if you could get dehydrated.

Webster County at the Marshfield Clinic family they see patients with colds. No confirmed cases of influenza at the moment.

Cold symptoms, which are much less intense than the flu, including stuffy or runny nose either, sore throat and cough. Also a slight fever and headache are all outside the cold.

The best way to treat the common cold is to try more drugs against the common cold. Cons cough lozenges may help your throat. Get as much rest as you can and drink plenty of water. It is important to push the liquid as it helps to clear up the congestion.

Doctors orders to get much sleep … Who can argue with that.

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