Strangest 911 Calls

December 28, 2011 by staff 

Strangest 911 CallsStrangest 911 Calls, You think you’ve heard of stupid people, well buckle your seat belt, these are by far some of the stupidest. Is everyone born with common sense? I don’t think so. Our tax dollars pay for the 911 operators, and people like these are wasting time someone in a real emergency needs. They might be entertaining, they might be funny, but someone else in a REAL emergency needed to talk to that operator.

-A lady near San Clemente was at a Burger King drive-thru and they wouldn’t get her order right. She wanted her Western BBQ Burger done right, and she wanted action NOW! Legitimate reason to call 911? I don’t think so.

-A young man called 911 because he needed ice scraped off his windshield. He didn’t have an ice scraper and expected a police officer to come help him out. I’m pretty sure that’s when the defroster comes in buddy!

-A distressed lady called 911, telling the operator there was a passed out mailman on the floor. How did he get that way? The lady showed him her winning lotery ticket and hit him in the head with a pan to get it back. When he started breathing again…WHACK! She hit him. I’m pretty sure calling 911 was the best thing to do…for the mailman!

-A lady thought the police officer who came to her house was so cute…she called 911 to ask the operator if she would send him back. She wanted to go on a date with him! Is 911 a dateline? NO! I just can’t believe how far some people go sometimes…

-This man called 911 in a phone booth after hitting a deer, and putting it in the backseat. Apparently the deer wasn’t dead and started biting him when it came back to consciousness, and screwed up the inside of his vehicle. Somehow a dog came into the picture and started biting the guy because it wanted the dog. And the guy stabbed the dog. Is this messed up or what?

-In Florida a woman called 911 three times because she ordered Chicken McNuggets and they ran out, and wouln’t give her money back. They did, however, offer to give her something of equal value…but she refused, saying they were trying to force her to eat something she didn’t want to.

-An English woman who loved her pet hamster dearly called 911 when it escaped, hoping they would recover the lost rodent. A bit of advice: 911 isn’t a place to report escaped hamsters!

-A man called 911, shocked that his wife was pregnant and was holding a baby in her arms. Apparently, when they quit smoking he thought she had put on a little bit of weight. Well he was dead wrong!

-A Michigan police officer called 911 after thinking he had an overdose of marijuana or something, from brownies. He said that time had slowed down, and they thought they were dying.

In Ohio, they’re trying to pass a bill that would make it illegal to post 911 calls on the news or web. What I think they should really do, is pass a law to make big, fat fines on people who abuse the 911 system!

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  1. Judy on December 28th, 2011 8:24 pm

    In England, as in all of Britain, the number you dial is 999, not 911. This is one of the first briefings you receive when you arrive in country.