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Steven Tyler American Idol, American Idol reutrns for the 10th season. They start with the controversy that happened before the judge’s final was announced earlier last year. The new court judges are Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

They talked about why Jennifer and Steven decided to agree to be judges. In total, 125,000 people were auditioned for this season. Ryan Seacrest said that this season is one of the best talents they’ve ever seen. Something he said about each of the last five years. To prove it is they, of course showed someone who sounded really bad.

The first place they visited was New Jersey. The podium they are actually the logo of American Idol, but instead of the standard blue, it is in a gray scale. The first contestant is someone who has auditioned in Season 6. 22 years, Rachel Zevita is remembered by Jennifer and told her that this was not the best audition she could give. Steven says it should be more on fire. He and Jennifer says she got it and give it a yes, Randy says yes and she is also the first person put in touch with Hollywood.

The following is a guy named Caleb Hawley. In my opinion, sounded better than the leading competitor. Steven was excited about it; Jennifer and Randy loved her voice sound like high. Of course, all three say yes to him.

Kenzie Palmer has 15 years next summer. Although she is young enough, it sounded better than the leading competitor. Steven said he did not feel it, but she sang great. Randy says he sees what Steven said. Ultimately they all gave him a yes anyway.

Many people are followed in the segment of the overall audience they get a pass to the next round.

The first hearing candidate it does not happen Achilles Lovle from Côte d’Ivoire. She sings very very flat and lacks touch all the notes. Steven said she simply did not note. Jennifer said it’s not his accent, but it’s more about power not to sing. Steven said no, no and told Jennifer Jennifer feels terrible about it.

The girl said net a real “Jersey” girl and is a dance teacher. She starts crying on stage and Steven watch Randy and asked him if he looks “down” as he sees looking down. She sings a song she did terrible accident itself and the high notes sounds really terrible. She sings a song when it hits real high notes, it is flat and it feels as if she screams and singing through the nose. Jennifer is happy that she sings and says she has a really good voice. Steven loves his energy. Amazingly, she gets a yes from each of the judges.

After that, they show a lot of candidates that sound terribly and fall flat with their singing. Steven becomes easy to say no, even though Jennifer has trouble saying no to applicants.

Melkia Wheatfall is however considered the breaking point for Jennifer, as she has no problem what so ever say no to her.

We get the sad story of Robbie Rosen and how he spent several months in a wheelchair. Big nose Rosen Robbie sings “Yesterday”. Unexpectedly, it does seem well and has a great figure of the radio. Steven said he looked interesting and has a beautiful voice. Jennifer loved the tone and it’s cute (eh?) Randy says he has mad crazy voice.

Creepy 18-year old Boy Scout candidate named Chris was next. He sings a very flat version of “My Way.” Steven said he’s afraid everyone in the room. He gets a no from the judges. Jennifer asks Randy how he did this for ten years.

Burping candidate Michael Perotto sounded terrible. He had a little energy for good. Steven asks if he ate a lot of paint chips as a child. He sings another song. Steven says we have a lack of communication. Jennifer says it sounds like he sings with a female voice.

Ashley Sullivan sounds very hyper when arise. She sang better than expected, but sounds very Broadway. Jennifer said that the way she sings and sounds is not for American Idol, but more for musicals and Broadway. She ended her knees crying because she wants to go to Hollywood. Randy says no, but Jennifer and Steven give him a yes. Steven then said that he personally is going to do something good.

Victoria 16 3 / 4 years Huggins of North Carolina is the next competitor. She says there is a single 16 year old wants something this bad. American Idol in a group of 16 who really want to be the next American Idol. Jennifer called her adorable and gives a yes. Randy said at the age of 16, she has every trick in the book and because of his personality, he said yes to it.

The last competitor of the day is Melinda Ademi from Kosovo. His family is a refugee from war, out of sheer luck; he managed to win a green card through lottery green card to enter the country. As she sings you cannot hear an accent. Steven said his singing was very beautiful. Randy says yes, too, as does Jennifer.

The second day begins with a waitress Devyn Rush song. She has a nice swing in his voice, and sounds great. Steven said he was fine and Jennifer said she loved him too. She gets a yes from three judges.

We get another section of bad singers.

The next competitor is Yoji “Pop” Asano from Japan. Singing “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. His accent, it’s really hard to understand what he sings and makes it funnier than anything else. He obviously did not go to Hollywood.

They show a section of people singing “Party in the USA”. Most of them of course being completely off key. The section of anthers of really bad singers follows it.

The next candidate was the true star Brielle von Hugel, his father being a member of a “doo-bop” group and had a fear of cancer of the throat, but managed to escape. She looks really great. Steven said she hit the notes and it is nice and has a beautiful voice. Steven asks him to put his father they congratulate cancer survivors. Steven said yes, Jennifer says she a lot of work to do, but it will also say yes. Randy agrees with Jennifer, but she says she definitely has a potential.

The last contestant was 16, Travis Orlando, he and his family (including his twin brother) lived in a shelter for a while because his father became ill and they lost their house. They now live in their own home again, but still live paycheck to pay check. I was pleased to learn that he had a good voice. Nice and smooth control. Randy loved his voice and vibe. Jennifer said he has a unique and beautiful tone to his voice. Steven said he sings beautiful.

Totally Hollywood 51 tickets were given to people in New Jersey. Tomorrow night will be in New Orleans.

Overall, the judges did better than expected. They seem to be mild at first, but seemed to change quickly during the day. There is hope for this season yet.
Tyler, who is a judge on the new series of American Idol, said the group planned to record the follow-up 2004 “Honkin ‘On The Radio” in Los Angeles.

And he told reporters he would not consider his appearance on reality TV would get in the way of its role in the band.

“We’re already booked for a tour from November to December, which should be in South America and Japan, if what you hear in the press Aerosmith get in the way of American Idol, it is not he said.

Earlier this month, Tyler claimed the recording sessions might be delayed because the guitarist Joe Perry had “disappeared”.


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